Super Typhoon Yolanda Isn’t Strong Enough to Break Our Spirit

Super typhoon Yolanda isn’t strong enough to break our spirit

When in Manila after super typhoon Yolanda, it’s natural to see disheartening news about the damages and casualties it has caused. 

But the Filipino spirit, as it is known world-wide, is indomitable. It’s strong in the face of adversity and it’s one of the many reasons we always get through these natural disasters.

A few weeks ago, Bohol, through no fault of its own, was rattled by a 7.2 magnitude quake and was severely damaged. Then super typhoon Yolanda happened. We all knew what to expect.

No, I’m not talking about damage reports, but the resilience of our kababayans.

This photo has been making its rounds on social media since yesterday. It’s a comment on a CNN.com report on super typhoon Yolanda that’s going to put a smile in our faces.

comment about pinoys resilience during super typhoon yolanda

The real identity of the guy who left the comment is unknown. We only know him as dudesk001. After searching for clues as to who this guy is, I came up with nothing. One article I’ve read also can’t confirm who he is and some say he’s not a real foreigner.

His identity is irrelevant. I think what’s important here is that it lifts our spirit and that what’s been said is true. It mirrors who we are in the face of natural disasters: loving, strong, faithful, and generally happy Filipinos.

This may be just a comment from an anonymous netizen, but it’s something that jolts us back to reality, which is no matter how tough times can be, we always do a Chinese get-up.

There’s one thing super typhoon Yolanda can’t wipe out: the smiles on our faces.


This F4 member tweets about super typhoon Yolanda and wonders:

Ken Chu tweets on super typhoon yolanda

Yes, a smile is a powerful weapon. We kinda learned that from Eraserheads.

And since I already referenced Eheads, I’ll also quote a Carrie Underwood song:

“When you figure out that love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything else seem so small.”

Super typhoon Yolanda is just a small bump in the road for us–like the many others we’ve triumphed.

We’ll keep going because of our positive mindset, happy disposition, and love and care for one another–the kind that’s so overflowing it pours out to other races and fills them up too.

And that’s something worth remembering When in Manila the next time a super typhoon brushes past us.



Super typhoon Yolanda Isn’t Strong Enough to Break Our Spirit