Suntory SUI Finally in the Philippines

SUI Gin is made in Japan with a combination of botanicals that are distinctly Japanese: yuzu, green tea, and ginger. Combined with traditional gin botanicals – juniper berry, coriander seed, angelica root, cardamom, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, and lemon peel – the result is a gin that is clear, refreshing, and pairs well with any and all dishes.

It takes its name SUI 翆 after the Kingfisher. On the bottle, the bold Kanji character is inked by master calligrapher Tansetsu Ogino. Kanji 翡翠, which means Jade, is a nod to its tall hexagonal shape reflecting clear and beautiful blue-green accents that speak of Suntory’s hope that SUI will spread its wings and soar high in the gin market.

A night of food-pairing and cocktail mixing to demonstrate SUI’s clear and refreshing taste

On June 23, Thursday, SUI Gin took over 102 Izakaya in Glorietta 2, Makati City, for a night of cocktail-mixing, delectable Izakaya dishes, and some ridiculously fun games.

Suntory’s expert mixologist and 102 Izakaya have partnered to create a cocktail-food pairing experience. The curated selection of SUI Gin-based cocktails and dishes were designed to highlight each of the three delicate botanical flavors.

Yuzu is commonly used to accentuate flavor in Japanese dishes. It lends a refreshing citrus aroma and taste that opens up the palate. Green tea offers gentle umami notes for a rich body that harmonizes with meals. Finally, Ginger offers a mild spicy flavor with a clean aftertaste, leading to an invigorating finish.

Tasting Notes
Nose A refreshing harmony of yuzu citrus with traditional botanicals.
Palate Smooth and rich with a hint of green tea and the mild bitterness of other traditional botanicals.
Finish The peppery punch of ginger combined with sharp spicy characteristics of traditional botanicals.

Beyond the scrumptious selection of food and drinks were a whole attraction of fun and lively Izakaya games with a Pinoy twist. Guests competed in the Filipino version of Jan-Ken-Pon and in a mini-tournament of Flip The Cup. Players had the opportunity to win SUI Gin bottles and gift certificates from 102 Izakaya while participating in games that are just as amusing as they are ridiculous.

The attendees also got the chance to learn how to create their own SUI Gin cocktails with world-class Filipino bartender and mixologist Mark Herrera as he demonstrated what makes an optimally refreshing and flavorful SUI Gin cocktail.

The perfect SUI Gin serve

To savor the refreshing taste of SUI Gin, the perfect combination and ratio are important. Imagine getting together with friends for a celebration at your favorite restaurant? All you need is a bottle of SUI Gin with the perfect mixture.

SUI Gin & Soda: This is the classic recommended way to serve SUI Gin. It is a simple mix of soda water to let SUI’s delicate flavor shine through.

SUI Sonic: For depth and complexity, add a splash of tonic water.

Mix it up!: You can make your own concoction for a more customized experience: add a squeeze of lemon, a tablespoon of Yuzu juice, raw grated ginger, or green tea. For more unique flavors, get trendy by adding crushed plum, wasabi, shiso leaves, or frozen oranges. Experience the flavors of SUI Gin that complement every meal occasion.

SUI Gin is now available in S&R stores nationwide and coming soon at your nearest supermarkets and liquor stores, as well as GrabMart, Lazada, Boozy, and Boozeshop.

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