What is Success for a Man Born without Arms and Legs?

Nick Vujicic is a game changer, a best-selling author, a motivational speaker and an evangelist. He was born without limbs, but that doesn’t hinder him from enjoying a life of limitless possibilities. He is a man who is always smiling and his amazing story of hope and faith has touched thousands of people around the world.

These days, he has been to 61 countries and last July 29, he visited Manila for the second time to talk about hope and success. Ten thousand people went to Araneta Coliseum to hear the story of this man with a beaming smiling on his face. His  story is one-of-a-kind and many people are asking, “How can a man like him be happy and successful even in his condition?”

If you are one of those who asked that question, here are some tidbits of thoughts to ponder about happiness and success:

nick points #1

Success is subjective and most people put it into things that are momentary and then ask themselves why their happiness is lost. It could be a career, a relationship, money, sex, alcohol, beauty, fame or power; but all these things are perishable. Jobs will go, the economy is unpredictable, relationships will lie low, and money will run out. As for Nick, the best things in the world are not even things, but faith, family and friends.

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Everyone will fail in life, no matter how intelligent and gifted they may be. It may sound cliche and is easier said than done, but “Never give up” is more real than it sounds. Nick was bullied in school and battles with depression. When he was young, he thought that he would never amount to anything, would never get a job, would never get married and would be useless all his life. However, you can never judge a man, his hopes or his hard work.

When he was looking for schools to speak at, 52 institutions rejected him, but he did not give up. On his 53rd attempt, he finally received a yes and from there, the rest is history. Now, he has received 35,000 invitations and has inspired thousands of people around the world as he shares his incredible story of how faithful God is in his life.

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“If a man without arms and legs can smile and make a difference, you can too.” says Nick Vujicic as he jokes, “I don’t need arms and legs to be happy – that will give you arthritis when you grow old.” Living your life to the fullest is more of an issue of the heart than an issue of circumstances. If you will obsess about things you don’t have and cannot do, you will miss all the things you have and can do. Nick doesn’t let his lack of limbs define who he is and what he can do in life. Instead, he uses it to encourage people and to become a testimony of God’s grace and goodness.

nick point 4

During the Question and Answer with Nick and Francis Kong, one of the questions thrown at him was “If God is perfect, then why did he create disabled people?” Nick said that he is grateful and thankful to the Lord regardless of what his life is like. He acknowledges that when he was young, he asked God for arms and legs and was even suicidal. God did not answer his prayer, at least in this life, but God changed his heart.

The pain and suffering of this world is because of sin. Adam and Eve sinned and every one of us fall short of the glory of God. Sin entered the world as a result of man’s disobedience to God in the garden of Eden, which brought sickness, imperfection and diseases. Nick understands that the life on earth is just temporary and that God has better plans for those who believe in Him.

He also said that he is content with what he has and that everything in his life has a purpose and that is to honor God.

nick point 5

When Nick was younger, he prated for a miracle. He prayed that one day he would wake up with arms and legs. That didn’t happen. During one of his talks, there was a boy like him without arms and legs. He invited the boy on stage and Nick saw himself in that boy. “If only I met someone who is older than me and who is like me when I was his age,” he said to himself.

He spoke about bullying in that boy’s school and now the boy is no longer bullied and has even become the coolest kid in his school. Nick became the miracle and blessing that he was waiting for. He became the inspiration for those like him by being a living testimony that there is hope and there is a future. The measure of success is not in titles and riches, but in the depth of your life. How many people smiled because you existed? How many people gained hope because you spoke about life to them? How many strangers beamed because of your kindness? How many people thank God because you are their friend?

“Speak words of encouragement and help one another,” Nick says. “Imagine what will happen if every Filipino will help another Filipino.”

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Nick stressed that his personal relationship with God is the source of his hope. When he surrendered his life to Jesus as his Lord and Savior, Nick’s life changed completely. He gained a precious identity and a purposeful calling that no amount of money and fame can fill. He remains happy and hopeful because all he needs to do in any circumstance is be still and know that God is indeed able and willing.

How about you? How do you measure success? If you attended some of the talks of Nick Vujicic, don’t forget to comment down your favorite quote from him.