#StudyinCanadaPH 2016: The largest education fair to date on Jan. 23 to 24

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It seems like Filipinos feel a natural affinity with Canada. Chances are, if you are Filipino, you already have an existing connection with Canada through friends and family who are based there. While the Philippines will continue to remain home, many explore the idea of taking an education abroad with Canada as one of the top destinations in mind.

Fortunately, one does not need to travel abroad to see the opportunities available to potential students. The schools come to YOU through education fairs. STUDY IN CANADA FAIR 2016 is the largest Canadian education fair to date with more than 25 participating institutions from the K-12, college, and university levels. The fair will have two legs: one at Fairmont Hotel Makati on January 23, and one at Marriott Cebu on January 24.

And what could be a better way to have a glimpse of the Canadian student life, than through the words of the alumni themselves! We have approached a number of Manila-based alumni of Canadian schools to talk about their valuable experience and advice to students:

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Francis Glenn Yu
CEO – SEAOIL Philippines
University of British Columbia – Bachelor of Applied Science Major in Chemical Engineering

Studying in Canada allows you to have direct access to the best minds in the world. The professors that I had were truly subject matter experts as they were often the authors of the textbooks, you get to see their research work on campus and when you have that kind of access you have the advantage of learning the latest developments and advancements.

My best memories of going to University in Canada were actually outside of the classroom. The extracurricular activities, the clubs that I joined gave me opportunities to learn about leadership and gave me a sense of belonging. Canadians are very accommodating and are known for their  hospitality and I’ve made lifelong friends from my decision to go study
I highly recommend Canada for those considering studying abroad. You get to learn from the best minds, while at the same time appreciating Canada’s diverse culture. It’s the best decision that anyone can make in the area of education.

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Daphne Oseña Paez
TV host, online publisher, lifestyle brand, and UNICEF Special Advocate for Children
University of Toronto – Bachelor of Arts, Specialist in Fine Art History and Major in Urban Studies

I am very fortunate that as a Canadian, I am able to study in one of the best universities in the world at a fraction of the cost of other top global universities. I am proud of the quality of education I received in Canada, and I value the experience I gained by living, studying and working in a dynamic city like Toronto.

There was a rich learning experience beyond the walls of the classroom. My art history classes were held at the Art Gallery of Ontario. I had an opportunity to intern at the Toronto City Hall, which led me to work with the Canadian Urban Institute’s International Programs Office. This job brought me to manage programs in Mexico and the Philippines, where I eventually got offered a job in local broadcasting.

Work hard. Get involved in leadership positions even in high school. Expose yourself to the fields you’re interested in.

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Henson Tan
Managing Partner, Fiesta Cargo and Logistics
Westwind Elementary School
Charles E. London Secondary School

I started my education in Canada, where I attended my primary and secondary schools in Richmond, British Columbia and then went back to the Philippines for college. My experience with my Canadian education helped me a lot today. It gave me a very good foundation especially in the day to day life because the schools offered a wide variety of practical courses such as woodwork, aviation, broadcasting, marine management and more. Not only did it give me a better understanding of the world because our schools were culturally diverse, but it helped me discover and explore the way of living outside of the Philippines, where I am based now. It has also opened a lot of opportunities for me especially in my business, and working as a Managing Partner for Fiesta Cargo and Logistics. Don’t be afraid to explore the world outside the Philippines! Try Canada.

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Sharwin Tee
Chef/Host – Lifestyle Network’s “Curiosity Got The Chef”
Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Vancouver – Culinary Arts

As a culinary student, studying in Canada allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for all the different cultures represented in the diverse community of Vancouver. This, in turn, enabled me to wear our own Filipino culture proudly. In Canada, I, like everyone else, was encouraged to wear my culture and identity proudly.
Canada should be considered as a study destination because it allows Filipinos to enjoy world class but reasonably affordable school systems and an invaluable opportunity to learn about different cultures outside of the classroom.
One piece of advice for Filipinos who study in Canada is to always remember the Philippines. Take the Philippines, our heart and our culture, and represent us well in your classroom. Meanwhile, be mindful of how you and your education can then be of service to your country once you get back.

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Walter Demesa
Host – Lifestyle Network’s “Listed”
University of Guelph – Bachelor of Science, Minor in Math and Physics
Humber College – Human Resources

You are given an opportunity to explore your own individuality while learning at the same time. Canadian universities foster open-mindedness and diverse perspectives and lifestyles. Whether you were the genius, the jock, the foreign student or the theatre geek in high school you will quickly find your place in your university. The economic status of each person becomes less evident and important as even the “poorest Canadians” have the same access to education as everyone else. There are differen clubs and organizations that you can identify yourself with to give you a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Whether you want to rally in the middle of the university for an environmental cause or create your own space to convene with fellow students of your own culture, my university advocated that right. Students in the same program, same classrooms and exact same university are given the opportunity to have different experiences outside of their classrooms and tailor their own four years of “learning”.

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Dale Rose Abapo-Aranas
Concordia University – Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development
Project Officer – Embassy of Canada in the Philippines

Studying in Canada was an exciting and rewarding experience. I pursued further studies at Concordia University which is sort of a microcosm of Montreal. This institution is very multicultural; its cultural diversity enhances the students’ experience, and as an international student, it was easy to fit in. Classroom teaching is innovative and we learned from the
best minds in our field of study. The facilities and services are world-class, free workshops and other opportunities abound year-long. Studying and living in Montreal is more affordable than in other world cities. Learning also extends outside the classroom with Montreal’s unique and vibrant charm! It was also a great opportunity to practice French, make connections, and learn other cultures that would promote understanding in helping build stronger communities.

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Chris Tan
Western University – Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Entrepreneur, Event Host, and Life Coach

I loved studying in Canada because of its multicultural experience.  Meeting and learning from different cultures opened my eyes and my mind to the world. Canada should be the top choice of any student who wants to get world-class education that’s affordable and is recognized all over the world. Be open to ideas and get ready for an amazing educational life experience in Canada. It will change you.

Don’t miss out on the STUDY IN CANADA FAIR 2016! Entrance to the fair is free. Registration is at www.studyincanada.eventbrite.com. For more information, visit the Embassy of Canada in the Philippines page at www.facebook.com/CanEmbPH.

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