Students Camp Out to Enroll at Top University: Gets Mixed Reactions Online

College can be a lot of fun, but no matter what college/university you’re in, enrollment period can get pretty stressful. Each student has a planned schedule and a list of subjects they need to take; not being able to enroll fast enough means you could miss out on this subject (if slots are full) and wait the next term, or get an undesirable schedule that will just mess you’re whole plan up. Each school has their own form of enrollment, however, for this top university, students literally need to camp out just to enroll.

Sabrina R., a student from the University of the Philippines, shares this photo and her observation on the school’s enrollment system.

NOTE: It has come to our attention that the person who posted this photo may have taken it from somewhere else. Reports say that this photo is for a thesis. We tried to reach out to the poster with no response as of yet. 

UP line

“Paano ba enrollment sa UP? Bakit kayo reklamo ng reklamo eh mura na nga tuition niyo? Saka online na lahat ‘di ba?”

“Exhibit A: Econ students CAMP OUT for their own majors the night before enlistment. CAMP OUT. FOR THEIR OWN MAJORS. (photo not mine)

Exhibit B: Student gets 0 units for 4 semesters during online enlistment/CRS batch runs so she ends up going to UP by 4AM just to line up + prerog (AKA beg for a slot) in the classes she needs. THAT STUDENT IS ME.

Exhibit C: Student who has graduating status gets one of her class CANCELLED BY A CRS ADMIN AFTER THE 2ND BATCH RUN, WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE, just because the college offering the class decided to change the designation, leaving her to prerog for 4 straight days with no results. THAT STUDENT IS ME, AGAIN.

I don’t get why UP is STILL blind to the major flaws of its enrollment procedure. Why do its own students have to SUFFER just to get classes THEY ARE PAYING FOR? Why are some graduating students given a HARD TIME to get the subjects they need to finish school?

UP prides itself in being the top university of the country, and yet why does its own enrollment system discourage its own students to continue their studies? Why is our enlistment process STRAIGHT UP SHIT?”


Wow!! Talk about love for education. To understand the situation further, we asked Sam Beltran, another UP student to share her own observations.

“UP uses a computerized registration system (CRS) before enrollment so students can enlist for slots. But this doesn’t guarantee everyone slots because it’s a “lottery” system so essentially students have to fight for slots. So students have to “prerog”, short for teacher’s prerogative
There are two ways: first is to line up at UP and get manually enlisted by the college’s office depending where you’re getting your subjects. For example, English subject, you line up at English dept. Obviously it’s a line… so it’s first come first serve. If there are only 30 students and 100 students need the subject, only the first 30 students will get in. This is why students camp out.


The other prerog, the “desperate” move is to come to class and beg the prof. Which does not always work. Based on personal experience.”
So we’re not really sure what to say. While we understand that not all schools have the budget to upgrade their systems and the like, having the kids camp out just to enroll just doesn’t seem right. We salute these students for prioritizing their education, but there has to be a better way to learn.
What do you guys think of this? Have you had a similar experience in this school or else where?