Streetdance and Baskteball Share the Stage for “Chosen Ground 9: Ballin’ “

When in Manila, do you still remember last year’s Chosen Ground competition hosted by UP Streetdance Club? Well, this year’s Chosen Ground is lot like last year’s, but a whole lot better. Here are the reasons why:


1. Streetdance and basketball unites on stage.

Rarely do we see ballers doing tricks, flips and exhibits yet that night was an exception. We saw a promising group of ballers called “Flip Ballaz” perform their tricks. Spins, dribbles, throws, rolls, waves and even flips wowed the crowd! 


The classic basketball spin. 



 Flip Ballaz doing their thing on stage. Impressive!



Flip Ballaz teaching the basic tricks of streetballin’ to the audience members.  



2. Streetdance freestyle battle is off the charts. 

This year’s battle was much better than last year’s mainly because it’s 3 on 3 and the brave souls who joined definitely have their own specific “flavor” and strategy. 


Roborats’ “secret weapon”: this guy who kept on breakdancing, literally. 



The standards are definitely higher since dancers need to work on the unity of each “segment” of the battle. Musicality is also another thing to consider. A streetdance  freestyle battle gives importance to variety. 


 The judges: Fortune Manaig, Miguel Colon and Von Asilo , watching Team Vibe VS. Project Pax in the BBOY battle.



The freestyle battle had 4 trios: The Barkada, Project Pax, Roborats and Team Vibe. In the end, Team Vibe conquers the stage and beats Roborats. They snagged the title through amazing choreography and technique. These guys really know how to battle clean as well. Personally, I believe they’re a crew to watch out for in the streetdance world. 


Team Vibe wins the 3 on 3 freestyle battle!



UP Streetdance club also performed that night, they jumpstarted the competition.



UP Streetdance club showing us what SWAG is.



3. New talent is discovered.

Of course, one of the main goals of Chosen ground is to discover a new breed of dancers. The Filipino streetdance community is growing faster than expected and competitions like this help us learn from each other’s style


Jr. Pinoy hiphop, FMD Extreme, Backboyz and FEU Diliman Crew bringing it on stage. 



Family of Campers Champ, the overall winner of the competition, wows the audience with kids doing flips and other jaw-dropping stunts and moves.



You see that young girl in the photo above? Well, here she is doing a headspin. (and here’s the part where the crowd goes wild) 



Just like last year’s Chosen Ground, the UP Streetdance Club performed their worlds megacrew piece. It was like reliving the victory all over again!


Remember that slow-mo stunt? Priceless! 


Slide15 (1)

 A dancer’s way of celebrating victory–doing flips on stage!



Congratulations to all the winners:

3 0n 3 battle winners: Team vibe

3rd placer: Nocturnal Dance Company

2nd placer: FMD Extreme

Champions: Family of Camper Champ


Family of Campers Champ with judges Grand Master Fish, Michael Pablico & Miguel Colon, and UP Streetdance club’s artistic director Von Asilo





For more photos from the competition click HERE.

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Congratulations to everyone!



Streetdance and Baskteball Share the Stage for “Chosen Ground 9: Ballin’ “


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