‘Stranger Things’ Star Dacre Montgomery Just Launched His Poetry Podcast And Wow, The Feels!

Dacre Montgomery has been capturing everyone’s hearts ever since he started playing resident Hawkins bully, Billy Hargrove, in Stranger Things. In this recent season, specifically, the character won over fans of the show after it revealed more about his tragic background.

It’s understandable why Dacre is getting more recognition. Not only is he good looking, but his hobbies also include interior design and, apparently, poetry. That soft man aesthetic is a hit to a lot of people!

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

On July 11, Dacre launched his poetry podcast called DKMH. The podcast is a presentation of Dacre’s own Beat poetry set against ambient music by Julia Stone, Matt Lange, and LUCHS, just to name a few. The poetry itself is experimental and loose, easy to follow and easy to get lost in (trust me, I listened to all of it!).

Dacre’s poetry tackles topics such as love, humanity, and living. He reads one poem per episode and they’re only a couple of minutes long so if you want to get lost in mood-setting music and poetry, subscribe to his podcast. You can listen to it for free too! It’s the perfect companion for long commutes, in my opinion.

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Are you a fan of Dacre Montgomery’s poetry? Which one of his poems is your favorite?


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