Stranger Things’ Joe Keery Has Bid Goodbye To His Mullet With This New Haircut

Joe Keery, who plays Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, has recently gotten a haircut — much to the devastation of several fans. His iconic mullet, which is as much a staple of the show as his title of ‘mom’, is sadly no longer. Keery debuted his new haircut at a Chanel dinner a few days ago. 

Fans were shocked to learn that Keery had traded in his vibrant 80s mullet for…wait for it…a bowl cut. The short and simple cut is pretty much the opposite of his beloved full, long hairdo. It honestly transforms him and some have even called him unrecognizable. 

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But different isn’t always bad! While a number of fans have come out on the internet to mourn the death of his hair, just as many have taken to defending the change of hairstyle. At the end of the day, it’s his hair and people believe he should be able to do as he wants with it. 

With the 4th season of Stranger Things still unconfirmed, it makes sense that Keery would take this time to experiment with his hair. It may be the only leeway he’ll get to rest the mullet before potentially donning it once again in succeeding season(s) of the Netflix series.

What do you think of his new haircut?


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