Stone House Hotel Celebrates 25 Years

Each anniversary is special; and that doesn’t only apply to people, but to businesses, as well! It’s a mark that a year of success has passed – an indication that people are patronizing their endeavors. Not all establishments get this opportunity, so it’s always a big deal to celebrate this momentous milestone. Stone House Hotel recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and it was a moment to rejoice.
Stone House Hotel 9
Stone House Hotel reconnects with life by bringing timeless European design and culture across the nation with branches at Manila, Pasay, and Quezon City. Through their unending quality service and customer satisfaction, they have acquired loyal clients and a perpetual growing market. They are the only standing hotel in E. Rodriguez that has been able to establish modern chill places like The Hummingbird and Perry’s Steakhouse.
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During their 25th anniversary party, Stone House Hotel expressed their gratitude towards its patrons; more importantly, they dedicated the night to the hands and brains behind their operations. The owner acknowledged the efforts of its staff, who made absolutely everything possible and turned it into what it is now. It was a night of festivity and good music that left a lasting impression on their guests.
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In this connection, Stone House Hotel offers good news to current and possible customers with things they can look forward to. As mentioned, their silver anniversary isn’t just for the management to be thrilled about, but also for the people who have kept them going. Here are some of the deals they have as a way of giving back:

Affordable Rates and Room Discounts

The rooms at Stone House Hotel are unbelievably affordable despite their spacious interiors. A night at this hotel can transport you back in time to a European era with much comfort and relaxation.
Stone House Rooms 2
Their presidential suite, the grandest room in the establishment, goes for as low as Php4,000 for 4 pax. It has its own living room, a palatial bathroom, and a shared kitchen outside.
Stone House Room
You’ll also be glad to know that they offer a 10% discount from time to time.

New Steak Menu at Perry’s Steakhouse

Perry’s Steakhouse is their in-house restaurant that specializes in steak. It is popular among steak lovers and the people around the area for its exquisite food selection that’s surprisingly not too heavy on the wallet.
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Details are yet to be announced, but I’ve heard they’re cooking up a new (and even better) steak menu and a variety of other dishes! Be one of the first to find out about it!

Party at The Hummingbird

Stone House Hotel 5
The official bar lounge at Stone House Hotel called The Hummingbird just opened its doors to the public last January. Since then, it has attracted the night life market that wants to have fun with a stunning view of the city lights as the bar is located on the roof deck. You’re free to dance to the beat of the DJ or even to the live bands that play there from time to time as you drink the night away. With good grooves and a scene like that, there’s literally no better way to de-stress.
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Interestingly, Stone House Hotel has now transformed The Hummingbird into a co-working space during the day. The vibrant light and breezy atmosphere allows you to be as productive as you can with little to no distractions! It’s open every day (except Sundays) from 12NN to 6PM. If you’re looking for a serene place to work in, you just found it. Of course, at night, it’s an entirely different case!
To keep track of the latest happenings at The Stone House Hotel, follow them on their social media accounts. There’s going to be a lot of things to celebrate with them for the years to come!

Stone House Hotel

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