Stockholm St. Launches Neon Scarves & Pillows


When in Manila, add a pop of color (or colors!) to your wardrobe or home with these colorful scarves and pillows by Stockholm St. x Heima!




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(3) Postcards

 Stockholm St. postcards by Everywhere We Shoot, modeled by Pauline Prieto




This is the second collaboration of quirky furniture store Heima with the textile & fashion designer Ava Paguyo, following the Mash-up 2008 collection.   Ava is a UP & Project Runway Philippines alumna who has worked for milliner Mich Dulce in the past and has a studio along–you guessed it–Stockholm Street!  She designs fabrics through silkscreen.  




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(1) Screens, Scarves & Pillows

Ava Paguyo’s screens with neon paints & some Stockholm St. x Heima Pillows




Looking at each piece up close, it’s amazing how these colors, dynamic patterns and bright neons just fall effortlessly into place which makes you ask, “How do you create organized chaos?”




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(6) Stockholm St. & group pic with Ava

Ava Paguyo (center) donning one of her own works!




Ava’s screens were on display during last Saturday’s launch.   On each screen you’ll see traces of paint of colorful paint and realize how much effort and heart goes into into each handmade piece. 




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(2) Ria Bolivar Models Different Ways to Wear a Scarf 

 Ria Bolivar models how to stylishly wear a scarf!




 That night, model Ria Bolivar also showed us how to wear scarves (& ended it with how to fashionably pose with your pillow as requested by Ava herself!)




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(4) Mich Dulce DJ-ing at the Stockholm St. x Heima launch

L: Mich Dulce sets the mood of the crowd through music R: Heima’s window display with Ava’s neon pieces.




DJ’s for the night included Uncledaddy, Kill Your Boyfriend, Only Revolution and of course, Mich Dulce  the silkscreen master’s mother as she calls hereslf!  




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage Stockholm St. x Ava x heima Poster & Bong Rosales & Rossy Yabut of Heima

Right: Creative duo whose doors are (literally & figuratively) open for both artists & enthusiasts–Bong Rosales & Rossy Yabut of Heima & Heim Interiors




Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(9) Uncledaddy, Garovs Garovillo, Avapee, Ryan Vergara, Mich Dulce, Bea Ledesma

Clockwise: Neon Pink Chalk sofa, 1/2 electron + 1/2 DJ Uncledaddy, Neon Brooches, Garovs Garovillo of EWS, the celebrant: Avapee!,

Ryan Vergra of EWS, Mich Dulce and fashion editor Bea Ledesma




 Stockholm St Ava Paguyo x Heima Collage(8) Fabrics up close & Stockholm St. Pillows

Lower Right: That’s Stockholm St. literally brought to life!

Seriously, with the harsh weather these days, these scarves bold bright colors will definitely protect you from the winds and add a pop of happiness to your cloudy day!  






Stockholm St. by Ava Paguyo logo

Ava Paguyo

Twitter: @avapee

Instagram: @avapee

Studio: 135 Stockholm St., Philippines








Stockholm St. Launches Neon Scarves & Pillows