Still Using SMS?! Time to Make the Switch to a Cool Messaging App

Well, we heard you’re still using SMS. We’re here to intervene. Are you still relying on SMS because you believe messaging apps are too complicated or not user-friendly? Don’t worry; KakaoTalk is here to change that.

Messaging apps like KakaoTalk provide a simple, reliable, and free platform for messaging as a smartphone app. KakaoTalk makes it quick and easy to communicate with family and friends, one-on-one or in groups. Not only is it as easy as using SMS, it’s more cost-efficient and fun!  KakaoTalk’s features include emoticons, media sharing, and free calling–letting you keep in touch with so much more than just text. Plus, we promise, it’s easy to use!

KakaoTalk Messaging App

If you’ve never used a messaging app and are trying KakaoTalk for the first time, there are a few tips we have for navigating the app and “talking” like a pro.

Still Using SMS?! Time to Make the Switch to a Cool Messaging App

 Get started by adding friends

First of all, you need to add contacts (KakaoTalk friends) to start talking! Ask for your friend’s KakaoTalk ID and add them to your friend list in KakaoTalk. A KakaoTalk ID is an identification username used in place of a phone number. To add friends, go to the “Find” tab and “ID Search” to find your friends.

If your friend is already on KakaoTalk and you add their phone number to your device contacts, they will automatically appear as a suggested friend.

KakaoTalk Messaging App KakaoTalk Messaging App

Shake to find friends

“Shake” is a great friend-finding feature in KakaoTalk that lets you find nearby users already using the app.Shake” can also be found on the “Find” tab. In order to find friends, the app will ask your permission to access your current location. Now all you have to do is shake your phone–you’ll have the option to add any nearby users who pop up.

KakaoTalk Messaging App KakaoTalk Messaging App KakaoTalk Messaging App

KakaoFriends and Emoticons

Sometimes, text is simply not enough to show how you feel. Express yourself better through still and animated emoticons, offered exclusively through KakaoTalk. If you can’t find the right words, the Kakao Friends Muzi, Frodo, Neo, Apeach, Tube, Jay-G, and Con will help you say it with flair. These emoticons come free to download for all KakaoTalk users.

KakaoTalk Messaging App

Group Chat and Group Call

Ever try to arrange a group event with 10 different people in 10 different chatrooms? We don’t recommend it. On KakaoTalk, it’s so easy to create a group chat–up to 1,000 people large!

You can also do a Group Call with up to 5 users total.  Create a group chatroom and then go to the + menu and select “Group Call.”

Chat Privately and Securely

KakaoTalk lets you select whom you communicate and share information with, making it a secure way to keep in touch with only the people you choose.


KakaoTalk features group chat, free chats and calls, media sharing, recorded voice messages, location sharing, stickers, themes, and emoticons. You can even connect with brands you like or friends on BBM, use the service on multiple devices, and multitask while talking to someone.

Download KakaoTalk today and enjoy a whole new chatting experience and complete connectivity. To find out more about KakaoTalk in the Philippines, visit or


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