Stephen King’s “Firestarter” Will Get a Remake!

Stephen King's Firestarter Will Get a Remake!

Novelist Stephen King is having a moment: his works It, The Mist, The Dark Tower, Gerald’s Game, Castle Rock (a mash-up of the writer’s work), and Mr. Mercedes are getting their own TV and movie adaptations. Now, there’s an addition to a growing list of the horror writer’s works translated to the screen, because his novel Firestarter is about to get a remake!

Firestarter is a 1980 novel about a young girl who has the power of pyrokinesis, or the ability to create and control fire with her mind. She and her father, who has the ability to control minds, are on the run from a government agency who wants to exploit their abilities.

In 1984, it was adapted into film starring a young Drew Barrymore.

Now, it’s set to return to the screen with a remake, to be produced by the same company that produced the highly-acclaimed Split and Get Out. It will be directed by Akiva Goldsman, who wrote Practical Magic, A Beautiful Mind, I, Robot, and The Da Vinci Code, and produced Constantine, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I Am Legend, and many more.

There’s no word yet when it will come out or who will star, but we bet it’s going to be lit.

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