Stay Fashionable and Save Money at the Same Time


Whenever you look at magazines, don’t you just ever wonder how all those people can afford to get those sets of clothes every time the fad changes? Most of us dream of changing our wardrobe whenever we want; problem is, following fashion can be quite expensive. But worry no more! We have tips for you to show your creativity and style through without hurting your wallet.




Stay Fashionable and Save Money




  • Sales and discounts- all the garment that you see in boutiques may be tempting you to buy it asap. What you should do is hold off on buying it and try to wait for it to go on sale. You can also do some canvassing, and you may even find a similar item for a cheaper price or something better. Discounts are also available in most boutiques, ask for it every time you’re out going shopping and you may get up to 20% from a student or senior citizen discounts.



  • The basics- this is vital for everyone’s wardrobe. You have to have items that can easily fit into any outfit, such as tank tops, denims pants, classic skirts and dresses etc.

    these items don’t fall out of style and will always remain “in”. Invest in good quality items to save money and to keep yourself from buying repeatedly.



  • Second hand items- just because they are used don’t mean they’re good for nothing anymore. If you go to thrift stores, you’ll realize that there are a lot of vintage items that are still in good shape and the prices aren’t steep compared to the ones you see in malls and boutiques. Take your time and have fun going through the racks.



  • Look for less-You must’ve seen a magazine replicating celebs outfits for less, well that actually is a smart thing to do. To go after the hottest designer looks, browse online and find out what the latest trends are.
    See what celebs are wearing and look for items that resemble the signature items that they are sporting. You’ll save thousands of dollars if you can find “steal” items to replace the “splurge” pieces.





Shopping doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot all the time. You just have to know where to go and what to look for. Shopping can be a pain for you and your credit. Be careful when you’re using your card as it may hurt your credit score if not taken care of. Be sure to do a credit check regularly, pay your bills on time and to stay below your limit all the time to keep your credit report healthy. Follow these tips and you’ll surely enjoy shopping and saving money from now on.





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Stay Fashionable and Save Money at the Same Time