Starving Puppy Needs Help to Get Well

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

How can I turn a blind eye? The jeepney stopped exactly beside the spot on the road she was lying on, starving and so weak. The moment she looked up, I looked down and our eyes met. She had such pleading eyes. It was serendipity. When I picked her up, she snuggled up to me.

Help Michiko starving puppy needs help 3

In the animal welfare advocacy, volunteers can become overwhelmed by rescue demands when we ourselves are already exhausted doing our own rescues and contributing our time and energy to help raise funds, find people to adopt rescues, and promote responsible pet ownership online and in various forums.

So there comes a point that we want to turn away… But I couldn’t.

Help Michiko starving puppy needs help 3

I went back for Michiko, She was starving, covered in mange, and could hardly stand up. One of her legs was not working properly. I suspect she was hit by a vehicle. I don’t know whether she was abandoned or got away from her owner. Her leash was rotting, so it must have been some time ago.

For half an hour, I carried her to the nearest vet. It was rush hour in Sta. Ana, Manila. The traffic was bad, so I had to walk.

Help Michiko starving puppy needs help 3

She is now fed, but is still very weak. She needs vaccination and medical care. Will you help us provide Michiko with the treatment and care she needs? You can donate through CARA Animal Welfare, an animal welfare group. Donations in any amount will be greatly appreciated.

To donate to Michiko’s medical fund, please see instructions below. Thank you very much!

Donations may be made via PayPal, BPI cash deposit, and GCash.

Via Paypal:
1. Go to:
2. Click on “Donate.”
3. Follow the instructions. When asked to review the donation, click on “Add special instructions to CARA” and write “MICHIKO”.
4. E-mail the confirmation receipt to with subject “MICHIKO”.

Via BPI:
Cash deposits may be made to the following account:
CARA Welfare Philippines
BPI Current Account # 3191-0467-05

Please don’t forget to e-mail a photo of the deposit slip to with subject “MICHIKO”.

Please do not forget to email the confirmation receipt (PayPal) or a photo of the deposit slip (BPI) to with the subject “MICHIKO”.

The PayPal, BPI and GCash accounts are all CARA’s. We only need you to send in your receipts/deposit slip/cellphone number to our Treasurer for accounting purposes.

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We also need a foster for Michiko. The homes of all volunteers are already at maximum capacity with our own pets and rescues. If you are interested please contact CARA at +632 5323340  or 0919 579 0047.

Special thanks to Dr. Joan and Dr. Jackie of Primitiva Veterinary Clinic and Grooming Center (Onyx St. near corner Pedro Gil St.). They were very compassionate, immediately attending to Michiko. If you are looking for a vet clinic in Manila, contact them at  +632 945 6954.

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