Rescued Pets Find Sanctuary But Need Your Help with Food and Medical Bills

Rescued Pets Find Sanctuary But Need Your Help with Food and Medical Bills


When in Manila, you can be a hero for rescued pets. There are organizations that will guide you on how to help. It’s a great feeling and helps give us purpose, to go beyond personal advantage to actually make a difference in the world. One of the animal welfare organizations, the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART), is doing its best to address animal cruelty and abandonment. See below some of the stories of their rescues. Please find a way to also help, by sharing this post, donating, volunteering and adopting. 


The Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART) has rescued over 200 animals in the streets of Manila. All of these animals have suffered some form of abuse, some were neglected or abandoned, others were denied treatment for their illness or injury by their humans and left to fend for themselves and all were homeless.

Some of our rescues:

In animal rescue, you see the worst of the worst and the unthinkable cruelty that humans are capable of.


blade - Philippine Animal Rescue Team


Blade suffered one of the worst forms of abuse that we’ve ever witnessed. He was rescued in Sampaloc after someone had crudely and savagely cut off his back paws, tied him to a post on a street corner, and left him to die. He had exposed tissue and bones and rotting flesh, and flies swarming in and around his open wound when we found him. Suffering from unimaginable pain, Blade was alone and without food or water for three days while people walked past him and ignored him. Blade was immediately rushed to our partner vet where, sadly, his back legs had to be amputated. Our goal now is to raise enough money to get him a set of prosthetics. Blade is only a little over a year old and has his whole life ahead of him.


maggie mae - Philippine Animal Rescue Team


Maggie Mae is a blind senior dog who appeared to have recently given birth to a litter of puppies although they were nowhere to be found when she was rescued. She had been sitting next to a deceased dog on a street corner for at least a day or two, in the heat, and without food or water. Maggie Mae is now at the sanctuary getting all the help and support she needs.


wacky - - Philippine Animal Rescue Team


Wacky was still living with his humans, however, he was so severely neglected it’s as if he didn’t even exist. He was suffering from severe fungal infection which left his skin extremely dry and covered in sores with dried blood from scratching. He was also missing most of his fur and he was so weak that he could barely stand when we rescued him.


zarina - Philippine Animal Rescue Team


Zarina is also one of our latest rescues. She’s partially blind and was found staying underneath a truck and was too scared to come out. She is now at the sanctuary and continues to receive treatment for her eye in the hopes that it will get rid of the cloudiness, and somewhat improve her vision.

paws and claws animal sanctuary - Philippine Animal Rescue Team

Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary

Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary is located in Tungko, Bulacan. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for our rescued animals while they await adoption. For those that may never find their forever home due to age or medical condition, the sanctuary is theirs to enjoy for the rest of their life.


paws and claws animal sanctuary - Philippine Animal Rescue Team


Construction of the first phase of our New Beginnings sanctuary project was recently completed, which included 3 kennels, 2 cat rooms, and an isolation area. We are hoping to raise enough funds to allow us to start construction of Phase II which includes an additional 14 kennels, 2 separate nurseries for puppies and kittens, an office, main lobby, storage area, multi-purpose room, a play area, and an agility/training area. We encourage people to donate to this ambitious but much-needed sanctuary. This sanctuary will be home to many cats and dogs in the years to come.

More information regarding our New Beginnings project as well as the different levels of donation opportunities can be found on our website at:




We highly encourage people to adopt from PART or their local shelters. When you adopt, you not only save a life but you also create room for another homeless animal to be rescued. The rewards are immeasurable when one adopts a shelter animal. Nothing has ever come easy for rescued animals so when they finally find their forever loving home, they are the most grateful beings on earth and they show it every second of the day.

For adoption information, please email us at adoptions@philanimalrescue.org or checkout our website at https://www.philanimalrescue.org/adopt-a-pet.html



As a non-profit, we rely strictly on donations from kind and compassionate people. Our work does not end once an animal has been taken under our care. With over 150 cats and dogs living in the sanctuary, we are always low on cat food, dog food, cat litter, cleaning supplies, and not to mention, funds to pay our vet bill. We humbly ask folks to donate whether in-kind or what their pocketbook can afford. Donations towards our medical fund for our rescues, food, supplies, or the sanctuary project can be sent to:

PayPal email: donations@philanimalrescue.org

(pls indicate if it’s for medical fund, supplies, or New Beginnings)


PART, Inc.

Checking acct. #0421-0757-86

(pls email us a copy of the deposit slip to: donations@philanimalrescue.org; indicate if you want it to go to medical fund, supplies, or New Beginnings)



Phil Animal Rescue






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Rescued Pets Find Sanctuary But Need Your Help with Food and Medical Bills