Star Wars The Force Awakens: 7 Clues of What to Expect for Episode 7

The nostalgia is strong with this one.


You’ll be returning to the Stars with the film’s iconic text floating in the galaxy, narrating the beginning of the story.

Whether you’ve been following the series since the original trilogy, you will love the new film of the franchise. Simply put, the movie was amazing. It may be a stretch to say this, but Star Wars: The Force Awakens is certainly one of J.J. Abrams’ best works.


As with any movie review, it can be quite tricky to write about the film without giving anything away. So if you don’t want any SPOILERS, do everyone a favor and just read another WheninManila.com article or take this quiz to find out which Star Wars character you are!

However, even if you don’t mind finding out what happens in the movie, it would still be best for this review not to reveal anything groundbreaking about the plot or the turn of events in the film. This way, your Star Wars viewing pleasure is made even more amazing and mysterious.

In order to get you pumped up for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, here are a few cryptic clues on what to look forward to and ponder on if you haven’t had the chance to see the film.


1. We see the storm trooper’s human nature.

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Trained and bred at a young age by the First Order, storm troopers follow orders to kill, no questions asked. What happens when a storm trooper questions the actions of what he is ordered to do? For the first time, we shed light on the inner workings of a storm trooper, and a reformed one at that.


2. Great Entrances: Make way for the awesome.

star wars han solo chewie

Grandiose special effects, edge-of-your-seat action scenes, memorable one-liners; these almost pale in comparison when the characters we’ve known since “Episode IV: A New Hope” make an appearance. The film’s characters do not need dramatic entrances or powerful instrumental background music. Their aura alone is enough to merit a few ohh’s and ahh’s (and even some applause) from the audience, and bring a heightened energy to the movie with every familiar famous face we see.


3. Villainous tantrums

kylo ren star wars force awakens

Kylo Ren, the film’s main antagonist is still a rather weak-minded, immature villain. When things go awry in the First Order’s missions, he has no chill. His first order of business is to wreck stuff with his light saber. Quite a stark comparison to the other First Order members who keep their cool. Cool, calm, sophisticated, and evil.


4. General Leia and Rey the Scavenger

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Posters

Male characters normally take the center stage in Star Wars films. In The Force Awakens, female characters are not only featured prominently, but they command respect and have more significant and pivotal roles to play, as compared to the previous films.


5. “That’s impossible!” “I don’t say that till I’ve done it.”

Only one character would be fearsome enough to deliver a line like this. Han Solo makes an epic comeback in The Force Awakens, with best friend and first mate, Chewbacca. Every young male who saw him in the earlier Star Wars films wanted to be like him, every girl wanted someone like him. Still the same rugged, smuggler-turned-rebel we love, Han has certainly aged like fine wine.


6. Occlumency: Fighting the Jedi mind trick

For Harry Potter fanatics out there, here’s one right up your (diagon)alley. Sorry to drop a wizarding easter egg on this Star Wars article but one of the characters in the movie totally performed Occlumency, which is the magical art of shielding one’s mind from mental assault.


7. Someone dies

Star wars

And you’re probably not going to like it. (That’s all I’m going to say!)


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The air of excitement and sheer anticipation gripped the crowd like a Force Grip. Viewers were without a doubt anxious-excited at the thought of seeing our favorite Star Wars characters back in action and the prospect of finding out what turn of events will happen.

Star Wars_Force Awakens_PMCM


In attendance were guests decked in full Jedi garb and a person spotted wearing a Darth Vader mask.

Star Wars The Force Awakens_18


Star Wars The Force Awakens_9

“Go on. Give in to the Dark Side.”

Star Wars The Force Awakens_22

Spot the Sith Lord!

Star Wars The Force Awakens_57

The premier was hosted by Vince Golangco, WheninManila.com Founder.


Don’t miss the new installment to this galactic mega-franchise! Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out in cinemas.

May the Force be with you.