SPOTTED: These Clouds Glow during the Night and Scientists Can’t Explain It!

Who here is scared of the dark? Well if this phenomenon existed continuously, then there would definitely be no need to be afraid of a pitch-black scenery.

There have been reports by onlookers to the National Weather Service office sharing pictures of the clouds that are brightly hued in blue or white. Apparently, they are brightest after sundown which some theorize could have been the sun’s rays still caught in the clouds, according to Science News for Students.

“They’re beautiful,” says James Russel, an atmospheric scientist at Hampton University. “It’s hard to take your eyes off of them because they’re so iridescent.” They float in the mesosphere, some 80 kilometers (50 miles) up, and normally at high latitudes.

Unfortunately, this atmospheric change could be due to global warming. For 13 years, Russell and Harvey have been part of a team that’s been monitoring and studying these clouds. They’re learning about how these clouds form and if it will reveal its connection to the planet’s atmospheric change.

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