SPOTTED: Jason Voorhees From “Friday The 13th” Seen Driving Along EDSA

Traffic has been a long battle in the country. Unfortunately, it has been such a normal part of our daily commutes that it really doesn’t surprise us anymore. Well, until now, at least.

Just a few nights ago, a certain character was spotted along EDSA–and he wasn’t exactly someone you’d want to see anywhere in real life. Aspiring photographer Enne Cruzin saw Jason Voorhees, the serial killer character from the Friday the 13th films, inside a car on EDSA. She posted photos of the encounter on her Facebook account, and netizens were quite shookt.

Enne describes that she was stuck in traffic when she noticed the particular driver inside the car. Of course, the first reaction she had was to get creeped out. Who wouldn’t be? Imagine suddenly seeing one of the most famous serial-killer characters in films sitting inside a car beside you.

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She shared how she literally screamed when “Jason” looked at her while she was taking photos. While she knew that it was just a mask, that dude still did a great job in scaring people. He was staring at them for quite a while until they waved at him, and he waved back!

What a way to make your commute home a bit exciting! Enne also shared that it was the first time that she actually enjoyed EDSA traffic.

What would you do if you see this dude driving beside you? Share it with us!

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