SPOTTED: Computer Game Character Walking Around Manila?

SPOTTED Computer Game Character Walking Around Manila

Games these days are made to be immersive or addictive that it’s easy to imagine yourself to be part of the game. But what if it was the other way around? What if it was an in-game character who steps out of the game world and interacts with the real world?

A video spreading online shows exactly just that. In a heated online game, an in-game character is surrounded by enemies and pauses the game. He has two choices: to Power Up or Risk Your Life. The hero chooses Risk Your Life and the weirdest thing happens: he exits the game and appears in a busy waiting shed in a street in Manila! As bystanders figure out who (and what) he is, he rides a jeep, goes up a mall escalator, and buys a prepaid card. He exits the mall and rides another jeep, finding himself back in the game and winning without breaking a sweat.

Now that is one fun game. Sign us up!

Watch the full video below:



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