Speed Magazine 8th Anniversary Event: Green Fashion Technology

When in Manila, be sure to check out Speed Magazine which recently celebrated their 8 years of speed and technology – the eco-friendly way. When I read the invite from Speed and saw the theme: Green. Fashion. Technology. I just knew it was the kind of event I wouldn’t want to miss. I mean, come on – an evening of fashion and technology? That sounds pretty awesome to me! Speed Magazine’s 8th Anniversary is the first event I attended as a contributor of WheninManila and wouldn’t you know it, rain came pouring down really hard that afternoon! Fortunately, it stopped raining that night and the show went on without further problems.



dj vince and ingridSpeedEvent3

Program hosts DJ Vince and DJ Ingrid of Mellow 94.7



IMG 4497SpeedEIC MannydelosReyes SpeedEvent

Speed Magazine EIC Manny De Los Reyes



The main event was a fashion show that showcased gorgeous couture made by a pool of designers from the Fashion Institute of the Philippines together with environment-friendly products from the category sponsors of the event: Nokia, Samsung, Toyota Prius, Canon Printers and HP. Now while I don’t know much about gadgets, style I know! And the new hot pink Nokia N8 smartphone and the new HP Pavilion G4 laptop that were sashayed down the runway were definitely oh so stylish!  They’re eco-friendly products too! Definitely a plus factor in my book.



modelsModels SpeedEvent1

My friend and I loved the gorgeous clothes sashayed down the runway with the gadgets



IMG 4772Models SpeedEvent

We loved these models too! (",)



And how cool would it be to drive a car like the the Toyota Prius? You’ll score brownie points with the Toyota Prius not only with the opposite sex but with Mother Earth as well. This is because the Toyota Prius is extremely fuel efficient, making it environment-friendly.  In fact, some of the more eco-conscious Hollywood celebrities (Leo Di  Caprio, Cameron Diaz and reigning teen queen Miley Cyrus) nowadays drive the Prius!  If I could afford a car right now, the Toyota Prius will be my number one choice.



toyota priusToyotaPrius Hybridcar greentechnology SpeedEvent1



miss earthMissEarth SpeedEvent

The beautiful Miss Earth ambassadors also graced the event with their presence.



Personally I think it is a great endeavor to live a greener lifestyle. We all have to do our share to save Mother Earth. So kudos to Canon, HP, Nokia, Samsung and Toyota for developing technologically advanced products that are also environment-friendly! And kudos to Speed Magazine as well for choosing to put the spotlight on green technology!  When in Manila be sure to visit your nearest bookstore to grab the latest copy of Speed Magazine to stay updated with the latest and hottest technology in the market today.


Speed Magazine can be found online at: https://www.speed-mag.com/


*Photos courtesy of my friend, Ryan Torrejos



Speed Magazine Celebrates 8th Anniversary – the Eco-Friendly Way

Speed Magazine 8th Anniversary Event: Green Fashion Technology