Speed Dating: An Unforgettable Singles’ Pool Date Night by Red Vase Interventions

Speed Dating: An Unforgettable Singles Pool Date Night by Red Vase Interventions

I received a lot of mixed reactions from my friends when I told them that I would be part of a speed dating event called “Singles’ Pool” last March 31, 2014 organized by Red Vase Interventions. Some said I was desperate, but some were also excited for me. My only response was: “There’s nothing lose; it might be a great opportunity for me to exercise my social skills!” – since I always considered myself as shy. Maybe a speed dating event would take me out of my box. 

The online registration proved to be very challenging right away. It included questions like “What are your interests?” or “What specific qualities are you looking for in a potential partner?” as part of the qualification process. I found out later on that the answers will be matched and sent to a potential partner(s) at the end of the singles date night.

Ain't it romantic?

Ain’t it romantic?

On the day of the event, Red Vase Interventions reminded us to smile and have fun. Singles’ Pool was held at Elbow Room, Metrowalk. I was amazed at how they romanticized the place. Complete with a rose and a candle on every table, the scene was spiced up to motivate the participants to engage as well as possible during this date night. It was proven that they did a good job when this foreign looking guy started chatting with almost half of the women participants because of the well prepared place! I even thought to myself “Luge! Inunahan na kami!” (Unfair! He has a headstart!) Hahaha!

The foreign looking guy I was talking about.

The foreign looking guy I was talking about.

Before the speed dating proper, we started with a game. Everybody present was asked to pick a piece of paper from a box, which contained lyrics (for the men), and their corresponding titles/singers (for the women). The first one to find their correct pair would win a prize. This activity truly broke the ice between the participants as you could see them roaming around looking for their matches.

Winners of the Icebreaker game

Winners of the Icebreaker game

Each participant was also given a date night kit, a folder which contained 3 papers: a guide questionnaire (to help you avoid awkward silences) with a space below to write down your dates’ names and a portion where you could write down extra remarks about them, a small sheet of paper to vote for the “Best Date of the Night” plus a secret message for him and an assessment sheet – this page will determine whether your date wants to see you again or not with a check in the “It was nice to meet you” or “I want to talk to you again” column beside your name. If both of you checked the “I want to talk to you again”, at the event of the event, you’ll be emailed each other’s contact information and other details that you answered in the online registration (interests, preferences, et al). 

Single's Pool - 7

Blurred for privacy

Single's Pool - 3

Speed Dating: An Unforgettable Singles’ Pool Date Night


We were given 5 – 10 minutes to talk with our dates. From time to time, the organizers would remind us of how many minutes we had left. Surprisingly, I didn’t notice how the time flew by so quickly. I always ended up feeling “bitin” with every person that I talked to. I never felt any awkward silences or boring moments. I learned one thing, though – how a simple “Hi!’, “How are you?” with a smile could go a long way.


Singles’ Pool proved to be a wonderful experience. Some people might find speed dating peculiar, but before you assume anything, I suggest you try it out for yourselves. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me – a memory that I’ll surely remember and a great reminder of how one can find joy in simple conversations with a person, be it a stranger or a friend.

We tend to forget how to listen and be genuinely interested nowadays. I met a lot of people that night, and getting to know their backgrounds, hobbies and interests made me realize how similar we all are in some ways yet still unique enough to make every encounter special from one another.

Best Male and Female dates of the night! Voted by the plurality of the partipants

Best Male and Female dates of the night! Voted by the participants!

Overall, I was happy that my first speed dating experience was organized by Red Vase Interventions. They did a wonderful job organizing, and preparing such a challenging event. Keep your heads up for the next speed dating event by Red Vase Interventions for an unforgettable night! Your soulmate might be there, after all.

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Speed Dating: An Unforgettable Singles’ Pool Date Night by Red Vase Interventions


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