Space Cleaners: Turning Your Choice of Space Spotless!

Keeping a household tidy, hygienic, and overall clean can be a tedious job. It’s admirable how most people can keep a space clean and spotless every single day. It can be particularly hard for some of us who just can’t find the time, nor the skill to make a space as clean as can be. Fortunately, there are trusted people who can do it for us who struggle with cleaning.

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Space Cleaners is an elite start-up cleaning company that caters to various spaces in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Established in late 2018, this modern start-up specializes in personalized and tailored cleaning services fit for each client’s needs. From general household cleaning to post-construction clean-up: they offer whatever service you may need for whichever space.

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The company started after a duo of women entrepreneurs and contractors offered free cleaning services to a client after a renovation. From then on, they’ve expanded to a wide range of dynamic cleaning services that cater to almost all kinds of spaces where dirt can be found.

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They have services for moving in and moving out, retail spaces, office spaces, and even specialty cleaning for deep cleaning mattresses, car interiors, and other types of furniture.

Aside from deep cleaning services, they also have the Metro Fairy+ which is a day maid manpower service on a monthly subscription. They offer 3-hour housekeeping services four times per month, with tasks that include cooking, baby-sitting, and ironing, to name a few!

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Space Cleaners also goes above and beyond turning your space spotless. They also have air cleaning services that sanitize the air, kills 99.99% of mold and fungi, and neutralizes bad odor. You can be sure that you’re getting a holistic cleaning session with Space Cleaners!

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They also offer other non-cleaning services such as repainting, packing, and hauling services. They really have the whole package. Plus, the team is great to work with. It’s very easy to trust them with the tasks of your home.

Space Cleaners isn’t just about cleaning your space but making society a better place. Their workforce are the underprivileged mothers, outside of school youths, working students, undergraduates, returning OFWs, ex-maids, HRM students and NCII Certificate holders for Housekeeping.

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“As we continue to promote cleanliness and wellness in Metro Manila, the company has served to be the gap between the underprivileged and the economy builders of our country. Giving an earning opportunity to this group of people are very self-fulfilling and rewarding because we know that we are making something good. A clean home for our patrons and hope to our people.”

If you want to be part of what they do, Space Cleaners is also now available for franchising! Now, you can bring their mission to the spaces around you. You can contact Space Cleaners for more information on franchising.

For cleaner spaces, better living, and an overall more convenient life, Space Cleaners can give you all these and more!

Space Cleaners

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