Sorry, But NASA Has NOT Discovered Any Parallel Universe

This past week, a TON of my friends on Facebook have been sharing stories that NASA has allegedly discovered a parallel universe where time runs backward. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Sounds like something out of a novel or a movie? Sounds impossible, right? That’s because it is.

As great as it would be to turn back time and return to any time in the past before COVID-19, NASA has NOT discovered any backward parallel universe as many websites have been currently reporting.

In fact, Ibrahim Safa, the lead author of the study that these websites have been linking back to, has spoken up on Twitter himself, stating, “NASA has discovered that y’all should not be getting your news from The New York Post.”

If you’re wondering what it is that these websites have misunderstood, Ibrahim touches on that, too. He explains, “We looked at these ANITA events and they can’t be standard neutrinos. They were probably a result of our imperfect understanding of the Antarctic ice, but there’s a chance some new physics phenomenon is responsible.” Apparently, tabloids took this to mean that there is a parallel universe?

CNET has explained the fake news in detail here. Basically, a report titled “We may have a spotted a parallel universe going backwards in time” details the discovery of neutrinos behaving abnormally. This was then instantly misinterpreted by other websites who just read the headline.

In other words: it is not true. Please do not get excited. Please stop spreading the “news” that there is a parallel universe. There isn’t. Sadly.

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