Soon, dashcams will be required in all motor vehicles


dashcam bill law philippines

A new dashcam bill was filed to require the installation of dashcams in various types of motor vehicles.

Iligan City representative Frederick W. Siao has filed House Bill 4475 (Motor Vehicle Digital And Electronic Recording Systems For Road Safety And Security Act).

The bill “has a practical provision giving a three-year period for compliance because we recognize that it is impossible for all the vehicles to comply in one year considering there are millions of them nationwide. This compliance period is for all the vehicle owners, manufacturers, and dealers nationwide,” the solon said.

This bill requires the following:

  • One (1) dashboard camera that has video resolution of at least 1080 pixels, has night vision mode and is forward-facing for the street view orientation
  •  A second but rear-facing camera with the same features as the dashboard camera
  •  A visual display
  • A battery and motor vehicle power adaptor
  • A data storage device; an
  • A built-in global positioning system (GPS) feature.

In 2017, a similar bill was left pending in the House of Representatives called House Bill No. 6265, or the “Dashboard Camera Act of 2017.”

Not sure what happened to the 2017 bill but we’ll see how this new one pans out.

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