Pending ‘Dash Cam Law’ will soon require all vehicles to have dash cams

Zumi DashCam

House Bill No. 6265, or the “Dashboard Camera Act of 2017,” is currently pending in the House of Representatives. If this gets approved, the bill will require dash cams in all vehicles. At present, the bill is providing manufacturers six months install dash cams on new car models before they are sold in the market.

Moreover, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will reject the registration of vehicles without dash cams. Also, PUV operators will not be given a franchise if they don’t follow.

Meanwhile, existing vehicles should comply and install dash cams upon renewal of registration or six months after the bill is implemented.

The LTFRB will be the one who will archive all recordings from vehicles involved in traffic accidents. They guarantee that all videos will be confidential, and their use, viewing, disclosure, or publication will not be allowed, except for use as evidence.

There are penalties for not complying to the Dash Cam Bill. Here they are:

  • Vehicle makers and private car owners will be fined P100,000 for not installing dash cams.
  • PUV operators who don’t comply will be fined P5,000 for the first offense, P10,000 for a second offense, and P15,000 for succeeding offenses.
  • Tampering of dash cams also has specific fines.
  • Licenses or franchises can be revoked for subsequent offenses.
  • Violating video confidentiality can face imprisonment of one to three years and a fine of PhP100,000 to PhP2 million.

We’ll wait and see when this will be finally approved and implemented.

What do you think of the Dash Cam Law?