Sonya’s Garden & The Art of Doing Nothing

 Sonya’s Garden

When in Manila and yearning for a piece of paradise… a peaceful and quiet weekend away from the stresses caused by city life, here’s another highly recommend place which you should definitely experience!  


Sonya’s Garden has been around for a long time now and it has definitely gained much recognition and a very good reputation when it comes to special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, romantic weekend getaways or even weekend family bondings! Many people seem to choose Sonya’s Garden whenever they seek to make good memories!



If you are as curious about Sonya’s Garden as I am, then worry not for I’ll guide you through with these photos we took!


For this visit, I’ve invited my buddy Badeth for a weekend of nature appreciation and relaxation!


I know this may sound absurd but to tell you honestly, visiting Sonya’s Garden has been a dream of mine for the longest time.
Way back in college, a time when spas and getaways were not as popular as now, I saw Sonya’s Garden being featured on tv. I got curious about the “Art of Doing Nothing” and made a solemn vow to myself that someday, I will experience it!



And yes, today was the day when my dreams have been answered because now, I was given the privilege to take photos and write about this dream place of mine!

Join us, as we unravel the secrets of  Sonya’s Garden…

As I followed the path leading to their quiet place…. I started feeling a very different vibe.  Lush greens + vibrant blooms, cool Tagaytay breeze + guilt-free dishes = ZEN!



 Sonya’s Garden = zen




Sonya’s Garden  is definitely a place of pristine beauty



 peace and quiet is indeed a luxury these days

Sonya’s Garden guarantees a very quiet and solemn stay





the place is filled with so many flowers!!! Soooo beautiful!




 It felt like being in a fairytale




 we then checked in the Rosemary room




 I heard this room is ideal for couples and honeymooners! I soooo agreee!!

It is definitely one of the most unique rooms I’ve stayed in!




 goes with a lovely toilet and bath




 the room is very spacious and super cozy! The whole room was made of wood and located beside a lot of trees. It felt like being in a room in the middle of the forest!




 nothing beats relaxing along with a good book at hand




 enjoying a refreshing glass of  Sonya’s Garden‘s fresh Dalandan juice




 It was then time to start the ART of DOING NOTHING. We went out and toured the place.




When you stay at Sonya’s Garden, be sure to enhance your experience by  signing-up to one of their classes. You may choose from their cooking class, gardening and  flower arrangement sessions.



 hearing fresh running water definitely has this soothing and calming effect





the place just looks so perfect! No wonder Sonya’s Garden is sooo popular!




 I bet this is also a great place for romantic dinners!




 After that nice stroll around the area, we decided to check out their Panaderia to buy some freshly made bread.





 I highly recommend their Cheese Hopia 




Night time came and after dinner, we were so surprised to see such colorful lights surrounding Sonya’s Garden!



 times like these, I wish I had a bf! 




 imagine having a romantic stroll with your loved one… *sigh



The next day, Ma’am Evie, the General Manager of  Sonya’s Garden personally gave us a tour at their herbal garden  where they grow produce for their dishes!


 the place just looks so alive!




 I even saw most of the greens which we ate for dinner!



so this is how Italian Oregano looks like….




After the herbal garden tour, we headed to Sonya’s Garden’s Sensual Spa where we were given the Sonya’s Signature Combination Massage.



 our  lovely therapist




 my view while having the massage



after that relaxing massage, we were served with some warm tea




 felt so rejuvenated!




 before heading home, Badeth and I visited their souvenir shop to buy some fresh herbs to bring home




and the 1002nd way would be to bring your significant other at Sonya’s Garden




Sonya’s Garden never fails to provide its customers with the pampering and relaxation they need! They have definitely made such a good reputation when it comes to ideal weekend getaways. Now I’m really convinced why they gained such a huge following! As for my personal suggestion, I believe they could improve more with training their staff on how to handle and serve customers better. Their packages are quite affordable so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to experience that piece of paradise at  Sonya’s Garden.

So what is really the secret to Sonya’s Garden’s success?  You have to discover it yourself when in Manila!

Treat yourself to this soothing relaxing experience at Sonya’s Garden!  Personally, I believe 1 night ain’t enough!



 Sonya’s Garden

Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)
For reservations: call or text +63-9175329097 or +63-9175335140 
Email :

CLICK HERE to check out their mouthwatering menu!

Special Thanks to Badeth Compuesto for helping me out with the photos.

To know more about our adventures, visit us at EATS- A- DATE!

Sonya’s Garden & The Art of Doing Nothing

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