Sony Bravia Features Insane Picture Quality With X-Reality Pro

 Sony Bravia HX855

When In Manila be prepared to view true beauty through a Sony Bravia, because last night Sony launched 4 new models of their Bravia series in Mactan Shangri-La Resort and Spa. The 2012 set of Bravias offer a more vivid and sharper picture quality than prior models much more against competing brands. Sony revealed to us that such picture quality was possible with the help of the new technology incorporated in their latest Bravias the X-Reality / X-Reality Pro (The X-Reality has a single chip while the X-Reality Pro has a dual chip) which enhances the picture and/or video source so it could produce better looking images and videos. In fact, I was actually amazed of how good it could enhance the picture quality, given that they were streaming slightly low resolution videos from Youtube during the demo. This also made 3D a whole lot better, thanks to the X-Reality engine they were able to create TRUE HD 3D although you must note that this is only possible with the use of active 3D glasses (These things will cost a lot! but for those who really want a great 3D experience it would be super worth it).  Apart from the picture quality Sony also touted their own version of “Air Play” the “Throw” which basically allows sharing of content from any of the latest Sony products such as laptops, tablets and smartphones… This could easily be achieved by the “Throw” gesture in which you swipe the content towards the device you want to share the content with.  Speaking of content, because of its internet capabilities you could now have a variety of content that you could access through the Sony Entertainment Network. 

 Sony claims to have the best picture quality on TVs at the moment, and currently I couldn’t argue with them. After seeing them demo how insanely breathtaking the picture quality on the latest Bravia TVs along side with competing brands, I must say that it Sony nailed it hard with this one. This convinced me that innovation on TVs is not yet dead and Sony is spearheading the way in this section of the market. Hopefully we see more cool innovations from Sony in years to come. So until next time When In Manila, be sure to check out stores so you could view the true beauty of the Sony Bravia

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