Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Reportedly to Divide Assets of Around Four Billion Pesos

Song Joong Ki filed for a divorce from Song Hye Kyo last June 26. After the news of their impending divorce, talk of how the former “Descendants of the Sun” co-stars and ex-couple Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo would split their 100 billion worth of assets (around 4 billion pesos). As the two will not need to talk about child care and custody, the main issue is how the Korean stars would split their wealth once their divorce gets approved.

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Korean website Soompi wrote the report in Channel A, “The fact that they applied for a divorce mediation, not a divorce agreement, means that they failed to agree on certain details.” Divorce mediation is when a divorcing couple works with a neutral mediator to discuss details about their divorce and hopefully come to an agreement on all aspects of their divorce. Unlike in a divorce agreement, where the couple creates a contract to describe the terms they’ve agreed upon as they move through the process of ending their marriage.

However, as Soompi reported, “As explained by the agencies of the two sides, chances are slim that their divorce will go beyond divorce mediation and turn into a lawsuit.” Maeil Business Newspaper also wrote, “Maeil Business Newspaper therefore predicts that they will agree on the division of property without any major conflict.”

The date of the meditation is set to happen in late July, earliest.

Do you think the two will handle their parting peacefully?