Someone’s Selling A Bag Of Nam Joo Hyuk’s Breath And Fans Are Here For It!

It has been a few days since Korean actor Nam Joo Hyuk stepped foot in Manila for a very intimate fan meet. Fans were, of course, very excited to have the star of the famous K-Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo in the country. But since the venue wasn’t on the levels of coliseums and arenas, only a number of fans could be in the same room as him.

So, many of avid Nam Joo Hyuk fans had to resort to #TeamBahay on that one fateful day. But it seems that it’s not too late for them to breathe the same air as the Korean actor–literally.

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An administrator of the Facebook page The Saranghe Oppa was selling a bag filled with Nam Joo Hyuk’s breath “fresh from the fan meet.” Check out the hilarious ad below:

It got quite the recognition around social media, with more than 17 thousand shares! And it makes sense because who wouldn’t want a bag of Nam Joo Hyuk’s breath?

A day later, the page updated that someone apparently bought the bag of air!

Although we’re still not quite sure whether it’s legit, it still makes for a very entertaining story. We’ve reached out to the admins of The Saranghe Oppa and are still waiting for their response.

What did you think of that bag of breath? Would you have anything like that to sell? Share it with us!

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