SNK ATK Releases MYTHOS Pack Featuring Asian Mythical Creatures

SNK ATK (pronounced ‘Sneak Attack’) released the MYTHOS Pack on February 3, 2023 on their website and at select Bratpack branches.

The MYTHOS Pack includes three (3) shirts featuring illustrations of creatures from Asian culture and myths: the Dragon, the Tiger, and the Kirin. The pack pays homage to previous releases by SNK ATK, which included the original Dragon and Tiger shirts in 2017, followed by the neon variants in 2019, and black-on-black versions in 2021.

mythos pack 1

“Beyond the aesthetics, we chose these creatures because of what they mean for us,” says SNK ATK Co-Founder & Creative Director Psalm Alfafara. “The Dragon symbolizes having the power to rise above the ordinary, while the Tiger signifies being indomitable and having the ability to keep going after being knocked down. In a way, they stand for our own values as a brand and as creative individuals.”

As for the inclusion of the Kirin in 2023, Psalm said: “The Kirin is said to appear upon the arrival of a great person. You could say that they’re harbingers of hope. In our present circumstances, as we continue to rebuild coming from the height of the lockdowns, we want to bring that same sense of hope this mythical creature offers to those that see it.”

The MYTHOS Pack is the third release SNK ATK has done through Bratpack. “From their licensed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Merchandise to their own Dark Days collection, SNK ATK has consistently released unique, innovative pieces that really add a new dimension to our products at Bratpack stores,” says Bratpack Brand Executive Seph Manlapaz. “As SNK ATK continues to expand, we’re excited to see what they have in store for future releases at our new branches in SM North EDSA The Block, Araneta Gateway, Ayala Manila Bay, and Ayala Solenad Nuvali.”

mythos pack 2 tiger

mythos pack 3 dragon

mythos pack 4 kirin

The MYTHOS Pack is available at select Bratpack branches starting February 3, 2023. The full collection is also available on SNK ATK’s website:

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