Smart Shockproof Plans for your Travels and Phone Bills


Smart Shockproof Plans


Have you all seen that one video that went around a while back? It’s that one video, or email, where you have to trace this ball, represented by your mouse curser, through a maze on your computer screens, with the rule of not touching the sides of the maze?






Of course, it starts out really easy with the walls being very wide apart, but it slowly turns tough as the walls around your curser get smaller and narrower. So you sort of squint your eyes, focus a bit more, then lean closer towards your computer screen. Then just as you’re about to hit the finish line…. AAAAAHHHHHHHH! A squelching scream comes across your speakers and a ghastly face of a demon possessed child from the movie “Exorcist” comes on your computer screen!


Check out these priceless videos of reactions to that scary mazy prank I’m talking about.





Well, that’s sort of how many have felt…. Right after they get their phone bills!


They’re absolutely shocked!


I’ve had friends complain about thousands, even tens of thousands of pesos owed to their phone bills after naively and unknowingly going over their monthly limits.


Imagine having all your bills planned out for the month and patting yourself in the back for being able to save some money, only to have to dig deeper into your debt or your savings after finding you went over your monthly cell phone minutes by P5000, or P10,000, or more!


That’s where this new Smart Shockproof feature comes in super handy!



 Smart Shockproof Plans for your Travels and Phone Bills



The Smart Shockproof feature is incorporated in the plans. This makes it worry free and hassle free for the subscribers because the system automatically does the capping for them, thus you can enjoy unli surfing without worrying about bill shock. Other networks on the other hand need you to register before they can avail of the unli offers.


Smart Shockproof Plans make traveling so much easier and worry-free for writers. Having to be connected all the time makes it tough for us to travel without having anxiety over our minutes. We’re usually online blogging away our latest adventures or calling someone to organize our next big feature. So it’s absolutely necessary for us to be with our phone and at one with the world at all times. Problem is, we never seem to be able to keep track of our minutes… well… until now.


Smart Shockproof Plans: No surprises. No bill shocks.



You can see the full details of the Smart ShockProof Plans here –




Smart Shockproof Data Charging



When In Manila, shockproof your life, your travels and your wallet with the Smart Shockproof Plans!




Smart Shockproof Plans for your Travels and Phone Bills

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