SM Denim Month: 9 Fresh Ways You Can Style Your Favorite Denim Pieces

Denim may be a classic but some people still consider it old and out of style.  Denim jeans and jacket may seem too particularly normcore for some, but let these fashionable influencers tell you otherwise.

Last July was SM’s Denim Month and while we’ve already moved into a new month, we can always still rock the timeless denim classics! It could be jeans, jackets, polos, dresses…the choices just keep on going. And if you’re one of the few who don’t own any denim clothes, just head on to any SM Supermall near you and enjoy shopping there as they have practically the best and widest selection of everything denim.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, just take a look at some of our favorite denim looks during SM Denim Month’s movie screening at SM Aura’s Directors Club. The movie experience was made better by the great service, comfortable La-Z-Boys, and delicious snacks! Nothing better than lounging around in your denims for movie night.

Everyone brought their fashion A-game and here are some of the most stylish denim outfits we can definitely take notes from.

9. Chin Chin Obcena (@chinchinobcena)

Who says wearing denim can’t give off a high-fashion vibe?  If you pair it with the right pieces, like Chin Obcena did with her eye-catching makeshift necktie and statement booties, you’re sure to turn heads while strolling down your favorite SM Mall.  There’s no need to wear denim in distress; just put on the right accessories and you’re good to go!

SM Denim Month

8. Jerome Ponce (@mrjeromeponce)

Jerome Ponce is the epitome of laidback cool in his denim + denim ensemble. To break up the silhouette of denim, he used his denim polo as an overcoat to a red shirt that pops in just the right way against the blue denim. Gone are the days where pairing denim with denim was a fashion no-no; just pick the right color combos and you can pass off what used to be considered a fashion faux pas.

SM Denim Month

7. Felicia Cui (@_feliciacui)

Here’s one it girl to watch out for. Felicia Cui looks comfy and stylish in her denim jumper dress.  The lace up sandals put a nice touch that really ups her outfit yet still goes with her effortless air of relaxed coolness.  Denim is one sure way to look fashionable even during your lazy days.

SM Denim Month

6. Deegee Razon (@dgrazon)

Deegee Razon’s smile says it all. The comfort and style that denim brings really makes for a happy day. Mixing light and dark denim is a risk he pulled off well and the ripped jeans really show us how in this trend is. His white cap and white sneaks are very popular partners to any denim, so take notes boys. Deegee Razon’s style is one to be copped.

SM Denim Month

5. Sky Yang (@officialskyyang)

Sky Yang can easily be passed off as a model. With that height and frame, he looks like he just came off a runway in his denim jacket and jeans. What upped this denim outfit even more were his brown ankle boots. We definitely loved this classic look and we’re taking note of it for future reference!

SM Denim Month

4. Neil Taray (@neilmataray)

Neil’s pattern + denim look already makes for a fashionable outfit, but the hat, choker, and funky shoes made the whole ensemble a statement. Who says heading out to the mall has to be a casual -fashion day? If you’ve got the denim, flaunt it and you’ll be making your ordinary mall day into a fabulous #DenimDayAtSM!

Denim Looks 1

3. Blayne Chester Daga (@blaynechester)

The classic white shirt and denim will never fail to make us swoon with its James Dean-esque feels. Plain and simple, Blayne’s outfit works with his laidback approach to the denim look.  Any guy could pull this off and if you’re in a particular outfit idea bust, there’s no going wrong with your trusty old denim jacket!

Denim Looks 3

2. Karl Butaslac (@kickstarterkarl)

Rainy days are here, but don’t worry, your denim still has your back. Just like how Karl paired up his bomber jacket with his denim, you can still be comfy cool with your ripped denim jeans and keep dry! Casual and comfy, that’s the way of the denim.

Denim Looks 2

1. Liz Uy (@lizzzuy)

For the fashionista blogger, there’s no need to hesitate and leave out your denim jeans at the back of the closet.  Take note of how even Liz Uy’s fave pair of jeans was made all the more fashion forward when paired with the right pieces.  We’re definitely loving the entire outfit. Her heels upgraded her jeans to more than just a casual piece and her bag gave her classic combo the prettiest pop of color!

Denim Looks 4

After shopping for your own denim outfit at SM (because I’m sure you’re bound to cop these influencers’ looks), you too can feel like Philippines’ next top model. Just upload your denim OOTDs and tag SM on Instagram (@SMSupermalls) so you can show off your style. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #DenimDaysAtSM so we can see your denim ensemble too!

So go ahead and flaunt your denim looks and1 be in trend with bloggers, celebs, and influencers.

Which one is your favorite denim look in this post?  Tell us in the comments!

SM Denim Month