Sleep Better with 30% Savings only with Uratex and AbensonHOME!!!

Uratex, the most trusted mattress brand in the Philippines, answers the call of the World Sleep Society to spread sleep health awareness on and around the upcoming World Sleep Day this March 17, 2023.

World Sleep Day 2023 is anchored with the theme: “Sleep is essential for health.” Sleep impacts multiple dimensions of health, including fitness, nutrition, cardiovascular health, mental health, and much more!

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In line with this, Uratex, a sleep expert and the Philippines’ leading manufacturer of foams and mattresses, advocates sleep as a necessity for good health partnered with abensonHOME that caters stylish, affordable home furniture and essentials, a furniture brand under Abenson Group.

To provide a sleep solution to every sleep problem, Uratex is committed to creating products that give people the life of having a great night’s sleep. Every Filipino family should have the finest possible sleep experience, and Uratex has spent more than five decades developing and innovating sleeping essentials to meet everyone’s needs. To reach every Filipino home, we have abensonHOME as our partner with over 50 stores in Luzon to offer Uratex products and other home items.

As the annual World Sleep Day celebration, abensonHOME with their campaign “Sleep Happier”offers 30% off for sleep items available online, in-stores and exhibits.Also they offer Home Design Consultation and New Home solutions to complete our customer’s experience!

On World Sleep Day, help us boost the sleep conversation and raise awareness about sleep health. Talk to us about your unique sleep challenges and how we can help you out! Remember to use the following hashtags: #WorldSleepDay #UratexWSD2023 #SleepHappier, and tag @UratexPhilippines @abensonHOME!


Uratex and abensonHOME are here to help you find the sleep solution that fits your lifestyle, needs, and budget.