‘Sky Castle’ Stars Kim Bo-ra and Jo Byung-gu Confirm They’re Dating!

Korean actors Kim Bo-ra and Jo Byung-gu have just confirmed they’re dating! After working together on the Korean drama ‘Sky Castle’, Korean media outlets had spotted the two going on late-night dates together.

Although they denied the dating rumors in the beginning, their agencies have now revealed that they are actually in a real relationship.

Moment Entertainment, Bo-ra’s agency, said, “After asking her, we learned that she started dating Jo Byeong-gyu earlier this month.” HB Entertainment, Byeong-gyu’s agency also confirmed this, saying, “He started dating Kim Bo-ra at the beginning of February.”


23-year-old Bo-ra has also acknowledged their relationship, even thanking their fans for supporting them. She shared that she and Byeong-gyu became close while filming ‘Sky Castle’ and naturally developed feelings for each other after shooting the show. “We started dating at the beginning of February,” she confirms.

Who else ships these two? 🙂