SKY Cable Warns Users of Possible Data Breach After Twitter Account Gets Hacked

SKY Cable has sent out emails to its users notifying them of a possible privacy breach that may have affected their personal information after their Twitter account, SKYserves, was hacked by an unauthorized third party.

“On November 18, 2022, 4 am, our authorized users handling customer service support via Twitter were involuntarily logged out of the SKYserves Twitter account.  They were unable to re-login due to an unauthorized change of the account’s registered email address,” their statement began. “The SKYserves account was then taken over by an unauthorized third-party user which reposted tweets coming from the DeBank Twitter account.”

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They then listed down the possible sensitive information that may have been affected by the incident, which could have been sourced from direct messages in previous transactions via the SKYserves Twitter account:

  • SKY Account Name
  • SKY Account Number
  • Birthday
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Home Address
  • Landline Number

SKY Cable went on to explain what they are currently doing to remedy the issue.

“As of November 18, 11 pm, we have successfully recovered our access and management of the SKYserves Twitter account.  We are also in the process of reporting the incident to the National Privacy Commission.

“In the meantime, we are working with Twitter to determine what other actions (aside from retweeting) were performed by the unauthorized user when they were in control of the account. We are also consulting with a digital risk protection and threat intelligence expert to further improve our security procedures and processes to prevent the incident from recurring.

“We also released advisories regarding the breach on our website, our other social media platforms— and—and via an advisory email to subscribers.

“We strongly advise you to carefully review the information that may have been affected by this incident. To protect yourself from possible harm, we suggest that you take the following measures:

  • Review your direct messages with @skyserves and delete all messages that may contain your personal information.
  • Be cautious about emails and telephone calls from people requesting your personal details, (especially information like your date of birth, residential address, email address, username or passwords which are often used to verify your identity).

“If you have any concerns about what has happened or would like further information, you can contact our Data Privacy Officer via”

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