Six Filipino Entries from the Next-Image Awards 2018 to be displayed at Grand Palais, Paris (How Huawei enabled Filipinos to showcase their visual expression through photography)

One of the most anticipated photography event this year, the 2018 Next-Image Awards has the same goal as Huawei – to redefine visual expression through more professional and intuitive smartphone cameras. This year, the competition garnered a groundbreaking 10,431 entries from the Philippines alone, making it the country in the Asia-Pacific region with the most number of entries.

In fact, Filipinos love of photography was heavily seen in the competition – a total of six (6) entries caught the attention of the judges and made it to the official Top 50 runner-ups this year! From November 8 to 11, 2018, Huawei will display several winning works including the six entries from the Philippines as part of a special photo exhibition at the prestigious annual Paris Photo Exhibition, the first international art fair dedicated to the medium of photography. The exhibition will take place at the iconic Grand Palais, situated just across the Champs-Élysées.

Each photo submitted by our six runner-ups has its own unique message that they want to convey. The Filipinos who made it to the Top 50 of the competition proved that even though you are not using a DSLR, you too, can capture stunning photos using Huawei’s line of smartphone products. A true testament to Huawei’s camera capabilities is the news that the P20 Pro’s camera capabilities remain unbeatable – after several lines of phones have been launched, it still is the reigning king of smartphone cameras based on the test done by DxORanking. As a brand that always pushes for limits, Huawei also equipped its mid-range phones (Nova series) with quad camera setup to give you that ultimate mobile experience.

A photo submitted by Bernard Pasatiempo Recirdo II is an example of how Huawei and Filipinos share a similarity – making things possible even if it seems impossible. Using a Huawei Nova 2i, Bernard was able to perfectly capture how eager the kids are in trying to read a book despite having only a candlelight to support how they read. These kids value the simple things that they have and make great memories out of it.

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