Sir Elton John Surprised Theater-Goers And Sang With The Lion King Broadway Cast

This is honestly so amazing.

The Lion King, Broadway’s third longest-running musical in history, as well as Broadway’s highest-grossing show of all time, just recently celebrated its 20th anniversary onstage. And to highlight this special milestone, how can you make a Tony-winning show even more memorable? By featuring a special performance care of one special guest!

The Lion King invited a special performer onstage and it was none other than Sir Elton John, who co-wrote the award-winning soundtrack for the original Disney animated film, upon which the musical was based on. Sir Elton appeared with the cast, singing the iconic opening song that he wrote, “The Circle of Life”.

 The Lion King musical first debuted in November 1997, three years after the movie itself was released in theaters, becoming a worldwide hit. Aside from being Broadway’s highest-grossing musical, the show secured a win for the first woman to receive a Tony for directing a musical.

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