Sicily Plans to Help Tourists Pay for Their Flights and Hotels Post-Lockdown

It might be a while before any of us are able to make travel plans again, but at least you know which places should be on the top of your list once the option becomes viable again — mainly, those whose travel costs will be drastically cut down.

The Italian Mediterranean island of Sicily is one of those, with its regional government looking to boost tourism once the COVID-19 pandemic has run its course.

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Sicily’s tourism director, Manlio Messina, announced on Italian news show Mattino Cinque that they will be setting aside €75m to subsidize tourist expenses. Part of the program may include discounting half the price of plane tickets as well as offering 1 of every 3 nights in a hotel for free.

They are also planning to give vouchers for cultural and heritage activities.

It is still unsure when Sicily plans to open the island to tourists.

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