Should China be Sued for the Coronavirus Outbreak?

In thee ‘Coronavirus Compensation?’ report, the Henry Jackson Society states that China has to compensate around $6.5 trillion due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) negligence that caused the coronavirus to spread. Had they provided accurate information on the outbreak earlier, the UK-based think thank stated, the infection wouldn’t have left their country.

Even after identifying more than 200 coronavirus cases by December 27, China failed to report the disease to the World Health Organization (WHO) until December 31 when they said that there wasn’t any evidence that the virus could be transmitted from human to human.

covid 19 patient

Due to COVID-19, various countries all over the world have asked their citizens to stay home with many economies suffering because of it. The report also points out that there are various legal avenues that countries could take in order to sue China, such as the International Health Regulations.

“By computing the cost of damage caused to advanced economies and assembling a series of possible legal processes to which the rules-based order can have recourse, we offer a sense of how the free world might seek recompense for the appalling harm the CCP has done,” Matthew Henderson, a co-author of the report, said.

According to International Health Regulations, countries have to share and monitor any data related to the transmission and severity of pathogens that could be transmitted internationally. The Henry Jackson Society claims that China had covered up the data and even punished doctors who wished to speak up about it.

Do you think China should be sued for the pandemic?

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