Shoties: These Party-Ready Jello Shots Will Make Party Planning Easier

Planning a fun party soon? Make it extra fun without adding to all the party-planning stress with Shoties.

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Shoties is a homegrown brand offering party-ready jello shots! And when we say party-ready, we mean it.

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These pre-packed jello shots are packaged like the normal JellyAce from your childhood, but with an added alcohol kick!

The Shoties are then shipped in jars containing 12 shots. So literally, all you have to do is open the jars and pass them around at your party.

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Shoties have two kinds, each with 3 different flavors. The Fruity Shoties have 10% ABV, and they come in Green Apple, Peach, and Strawberry flavors.

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The Premium Shoties, on the other hand, have 12% ABV and features Caramel Beer, Irish Cream, and Tequila Lime flavors.

All of these Shoties are made with premium vodka and features a plant-based formulation.

While the jello shots smell sweet, be warned that the shots can be quite strong! So, enjoy them in moderation.

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If you’ve always wanted to have jello shots at your party or little gathering but you don’t have the skill or time to make them your own, Shoties has got you covered.

A 12-shot jar from Shoties starts at PHP 549, and you can easily order via Shopee or Lazada.

Buy your Shoties jar here!

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