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When In Manila, are you a shopaholic? Well I am, and admit it or not, we all are shopaholics, especially when there’s a super sale on clothes, bags and shoes. We may have laughed at the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, remember the scene when everybody was outside of a boutique waiting for it to open so they can pick out their best buys? When In Manila, we actually have the same scenario here whenever there’s a bazaar, payday sale or holiday sale. And just last Saturday I rushed over to Bar Three Sixty at A-venue Makati for Dress in Manila’s Annual Fashion Show wherein all dresses were on sale for only P185 each!


I was very excited to see their collection! The show started off with a Victoria’s Secret inspired scene as Carmela Cordova ala Katy Perry singing while models walk the runway.



Hosted by “Mary the Host” and Dj Vince


Raging Divas kept the audience entertained in between rundown of collections 



Soon, their fab dresses which were the real deal followed. Our eyes were really hooked to the stage as we didn’t want to miss a single piece! As per their mechanics: guests/shoppers needed to write down their orders and submit it as soon as possible since the pieces are very limited. It was a real first come first serve basis. So just imagine how we  went crazy whenever a new piece came out on the stage! Some ladies in the crowd even wanted to buy all the dresses!




Here’s some of my top picks from that huge collections of dresses, skirts and shorts. I chose outfits that were flexible and that could be worn at work, during parties, and as a casual piece for regular days.


I especially loved the Gossip Girl inspired dresses! These were the pieces that looked a lot like Blair and Serena’s own chic and trendy threads. Of course, you can’t forget to grab a nice “LBD” or Little Black Dress. 




Still can’t believe that all of these fab dresses are only P185 each? You can always check out their website to do your online shopping or you can also drop by their store in Mandaluyong so you can see the items yourself.



We have to say thank you to the woman behind Dress In Manila, Ms. Mary Muse Valenzuela-Quinto, because of her vision that being fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive.


Let’s be fab without breaking our little piggy banks or ripping our pockets, because When In Manila, we can always find affordable fashion in every corner of the metro.

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 Shop ‘Til You Drop With Dress In Manila’s All Dresses For Only P185


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