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WHEN IN MANILA, you can never go wrong with having too much baubles. After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend; whether it’s real or fake. As you guys all well know, I’m a lover of anything shiny and beautiful. Recently, I came across Citrine Fashion Accessories or sometimes known as Clips and Styles, an online store that sells the most fabulous baubles known to mankind.


I mean really, their bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are just to die for! Among Citrine Fashion Accessories’ drool-worthy baubles, here are some of my ultimate faves!




While I love wearing statement necklaces, sometimes when the outfit and the event call for it, I go for a simple pendant necklace. This heart shaped pendant from Citrine Fashion Accessories is just too beautiful for words; very simple, classy, and elegant.




As I pulled this little bangle out of its black pouch, I swear I gasped. This bangle is just so beautiful! I love how the rhinestones looked like shining pollens from a far.




Sometimes, when I’m feeling edgy and a tad bit of masculine, I like to go for the androgynous look and rock outfits like Agyness Deyn. With an edgy look, I tend to go for much simpler accessories. This bracelet from Citrine Fashion Accessories has androgynous written all over. The rhinestones are perfect to attract the girls while the simplicity and the raggedness of the chain have masculinity written all over.




I swear this necklace is created for gasping! I love how they kept the chain of the rope very simple as the pendant is a showstopper! Really! With three huge crystals and eight smaller ones dangling on your chest, who wouldn’t stop and stare?




Lauren Conrad said that while most people don’t have to try on accessories, you’d have to try on earrings before buying them because while a pair may look great on your friend, the same pair might not look so good on you. But trust me, no one can ever go wrong with a pair of crystal studs.


So if you’re planning on expanding your bauble collection because like I said you can never have too much, check out Citrine Fashion Accessories for drool-worthy baubles WHEN IN MANILA.


Citrine Fashion Accessories

Contact: 0917 832 7086




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