Shamcey Supsup Shows Grades in College, Shares Message for Grade-Conscious Students

Feeling grade conscious? Miss Universe runner up, magna cum laude, and board topnotcher Shamcey Supsup has something to say.

She took to Facebook to show her transcript of records, which mostly had grades in the line of one.

She said, “I grew up to be really “grade conscious” or “GC” for short. It didn’t matter if I really learned anything as long as I get the grade, I was fine.

“But now, I am more than certain that grades are not everything. Grades should be a byproduct of learning. And what you do with that knowledge is MUCH more important than what is on your report card…”

Supsup ended her post with a joke, saying, “On a serious note though: Sino ba tong Prof. ko sa History of Architecture? Panira ng transcript eh!” [“Who was my professor in History of Architecture? My grade ruined the transcript!”]

Supsup joined the 2011 edition of the Miss Universe and landed 3rd runner-up, becoming the second in a four year streak of placing in the top 5. Supsup was recognized for her modelesque beauty, her answer during the Q&A (she was asked if she would change her religion for the man she loved), and her intelligence (she graduated magna cum laude at the University of the Philippines with a degree in Architecture and became a board exams topnotcher).

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