Seven Falls / 7 Falls Park at Koronadal:When In Mindanao


When in Manila, you can’t help but travel all around the Philippines!


A new breed of travelers has been born – we call them the “flashpackers”, and I’m one of them.  Flashpackers are the new backpackers who can’t let go of their gadgets when traveling!  And just like me who works and travel at the same time – I need to get connected!  




Seven Falls / 7 Falls Park at Koronadal:When In Mindanao 



Business Summit in Koronadal


I find fun in everything that I do.  I recently got invited to speak at a Business Summit in Koronadal, which is an hour north of General Santos, Mindanao, in the southern most parts of the Philippines. 


In Koronadal, I was asked to talk to over 1,000 students about alternative careers and how to succeed in those paths. I spoke about blogging and social media marketing. It was an absolutely fun time with kids from schools in Koronadal, General Santos and other parts of Mindanao. I personally want to thank Green Valley College for inviting me over to be one of the speakers. 




Koronadal Tour


While in Koronadal, we also had lots of fun adventures. One of my favorite places was the Seven Falls Park that boasted, you guessed it, seven awesome waterfalls! It was fun trekking around and also ziplinning around to see all the different waterfalls. 

At the Seven Falls Park in Koronadal finding new friends



When In Manila… I mean, When In Mindanao, the southern parts of the Philippines, check out the Seven Falls Park in Koronadal for some really nice views and zip rides! 

 Seven Falls / 7 Falls Park at Koronadal


When In Mindanao

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