Seriously, leave the person you hurt alone and don’t even try to check on them

I understand that it’s hard to not like back someone who really, really likes you. Sometimes, it may also be just as hard as being on the other person’s shoe— being on the liking end.

However, there’s nothing you can do that won’t break the other person’s heart. You can’t force to like them or you can’t just let them hang on in the hopes that time will change your mind.

So, you may spew out cliches like “I’m just not ready right now,” or “I’m really into my career”, or “I need to work on myself first,” but if you’re still out there swiping right, we all know that those reasons are lies.

So, yeah, break their hearts but have the human decency to just let them go.

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Don’t text them after three months of not talking to them saying, “Hey, I saw this really cute photo of the beach and I remembered the time when we went to one yadda yadda…”

Don’t do that.

Don’t ask how the other person is doing because we all know what you really want.

No matter how genuine you care, people don’t need pity friendships so if you break their hearts, let them heal at their own time. Don’t pull those heartstrings again just to make yourself feel better.

Worse comes to worst, if you really wanna check on how they are doing, you can do it without talking to them. It’s going to be tough but you got to be creative.

Checking in on them might just cause more pain so just don’t.

You wouldn’t want that to be done to you, right?

So, yeah, don’t send that message.

Nothing good comes out of it.

And sometimes, the best thing you can do for them is to not be there for them.

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