SereniTea: Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Bubble Tea Drink at North Greenhills


When in Manila and looking for a place where you can chat with your friends over a serving or two of healthy milk tea drinks, head over to SereniTea North Greenhills!


Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city is SereniTea North Greenhills, which I will now fondly refer to as my “happy place”. You see, I’m not one for alcohol, so I often find myself hanging out in coffee shops. However, lately, I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative, and lo and behold! I’ve found it!


As the name implies, this specific branch is situated in the exclusive residential village of North Greenhills, so if you have a car, you may park outside the village, pay the parking fee of P35 and make your way to the establishment by foot.

SereniTea North Greenhills (NGH) is located specifically at the NGA Tennis Court, so the establishment is open air thus allowing customers to watch people playing tennis. I headed over for brunch one morning, and was lucky because the wind was blowing, birds were chirping and occassionally I’d hear the (pardon my lack of a better description) “tok tok” sound of tennis balls being hit back and forth.

I was greeted by Juliet Herrera, co-owner and co-founder of SereniTea, who after making me feel at home, immediately took off to take care of my food and drinks. After a few minutes, she emerged out of the kitchen with the following: Pepper Corn, Pepper Tofu, Chicken Chops and Mochibuns!

The food, patterned after Taiwanese street food, was delicious and was gone within minutes (mind you, I was NOT eating alone!). However, amongst the dishes served, I’d have to say that my favorite were the mochibuns! The mochibuns, which are ONLY served in SereniTea’s NGH branch, come in 3 delicious flavors: Cocoa Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea and my favorite, Original Black Sesame! At first I was a bit hesitant to try them, but once I took a bite, I couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth! In fact, my friend ordered a bag of it for take-out! It was warm, chewy, and is something I highly recommend you try!


Juliet was also kind enough to serve drinks, specifically: Okinawa milk tea, Hokkaido milk tea, Nagoya milk tea and the Green Apple serenifruit tea.

I recall calling dibs on the Okinawa milk tea, but, as soon as I took a sip of my friend’s Hokkaido milk tea, I immediately changed my mind and asked if we could switch drinks instead. It was my favorite amongst the milk teas because of its smooth caramel-tea taste. Moving on, I wasn’t a fan of the Nagoya milk tea, but Juliet said it was okay because the whole point of SereniTea’s vast drink menu was to make sure that everyone had at least one drink that they’d absolutely love. I feel that they accomplished that as soon as I drank the Green Apple green tea! It was very light and refreshing, and Juliet and I agreed that it’d be perfect on a hot, summer day. I especially enjoyed the distinct sampuigita after taste, ah! How uniquely delicious!


So, when in Manila and looking for a relaxing place to chat with friends over delicious snacks and healthy milk tea drinks, do as I plan on doing, and head over to SereniTea North Greenhills!

SereniTea: Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Bubble Tea Drink at North Greenhills

Sereni Tea: Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Bubble Tea Drink at North Greenhills

Store Hours:  Monday- Sunday (12:00-10:00 pm)

NGA Tennis Court, McKinly Park

North Greenhills (near Club Filipino)


Tel Nos: 584 7577

SereniTea: Pearl Milk Tea or Boba Bubble Tea Drink at North Greenhills


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