Senator Drilon Says Pia Wants To Join Politics

After being proclaimed as the most beautiful woman on Earth, does Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach have other ambitions? Apparently yes, according to Senator Franklin Drilon!

Local reports have it that the senator shared that the Miss Universe is supposedly interested in joining politics!


The senator met Pia during the latter’s homecoming, and said that he was impressed by the 26-year-old beauty queen. In a press conference, he said:

“You know, given her politically conscious responses to the questions, I am not surprised. You know the question was very political – the presence of the American bases, the presence of American troops, the matter of the HIV, her views on a number of critical issues.”

He also said that Pia’s desire to enter politics was admirable:

“That’s very admirable, for her to have stated that. Given the political divide that we see today, for her to express her interest in politics is something that is admirable for a young woman.”

Senator Drilon also advised Pia to try an appointive position where she can push for her advocacies such as HIV/AIDS awareness, rather than diving head on in electoral positions.

Pia came home to the Philippines last Saturday for the first time since winning the crown in December, ending a 42-year drought in the country’s arsenal of Miss U titles.

Thoughts on this? What do you think of Pia possibly joining politics?