Sen. Risa Hontiveros Opens Up to Liza Soberano About Her Journey as a Solo Parent

The highly anticipated episode featuring Senator Risa Hontiveros of Mind You’s “An Open Mind with Liza Soberano” podcast is now on its way to air on June 5, 2022 at 6 pm. Season 1 garnered much support, from those eager to find spaces where much-needed conversations about mental health could be had, to those curious about what it all actually means.

From well-known personalities in the entertainment industry to passionate individuals looking to transform society in the Philippines, each of the guests embodied the message that vulnerability is a strength rather than a weakness.

As a single parent, Senator Hontiveros talked about losing her late husband and the challenges that she went through raising her children on her own: “I felt like, especially the first 40 days, the kids and I were moving in liquid plasma.” Despite this unprecedented loss, however, she recognizes the importance of showing up for her children: “Being a full time mom means, yes I try to be present to my kids even though 3 of them have already graduated and are working. I really try to be present for all their important stuff when they still want me around.”

As full-time legislator and author of the groundbreaking Mental Health Act in the Philippines that was passed last 2018, she has also been a long standing advocate for mental health. In the episode coming out on June 5th, she shares, “We’ve all been through mental health issues even in a time when we didn’t have a name for it yet, right? Or it wasn’t spoken out in the open or tinatago sa dilim”.

Senator Hontiveros opened up about the process of passing the bill in a country that has had a long-held stigma surrounding mental health. Hontiveros admitted that it was a challenge in several aspects and a ‘cultural change’ for the Filipinos, but it was something that had to be done for the betterment of the Philippines.

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