Seassentials: Stock Up on Summer Essentials as Early as Now

Summer is fast approaching and it usually entails trips to the beach with my friends or family. I’m not sure about you, but my trips to the beach usually consist of me trying to dust off the sand that gets in my mat or beach towel and it sure does get annoying.

I was having a conversation with a friend one day and I told her about this issue. She then introduced me to beach mandalas, which are big round mats of tapestry cloth screen printed with dye.

Seassentials 1


These mats happen to be sand proof, meaning: no more annoying sand getting on my things and on me when I’m sitting by the beach. One day, while I was scrolling through Instagram, I found a shop called Seassentials. I noticed that they were selling beach mandalas at cheaper prices than the other sellers I had seen.

During a conversation I had with the owner, Lou Acero told me about how she would spend a lot of money on bikinis and beach accessories. This is what made her decide to just put up Seassentials. It was not a surprise to me that Lou loved the beach, seeing as she’s based in Cebu where the beaches are beautiful and the waters are crystal clear— I would be obsessed with the beach if I was based in Cebu, too.

Lou also sent me a number of photographs showing me the colors and designs that she currently has on hand and I ended up choosing a dark blue mandala.

Seassentials 2

I received the item after 3 days since it was shipped to Manila from Cebu City and was surprised by the quality. The material used for the mandala is not cheap. I also loved the fact that it came encased in its very own native bag that had a care tag attached to it.


The care tag that was attached had information about how to wash the mandala properly. Since they are handmade, the ink in the mandalas tend to bleed or fade when not washed properly. I had already washed it twice – following the instructions, of course – and have not seen any bleeding or dramatic changes in the color yet.

After testing out the mandala, I also came to find that the cloth it is made with is very thick, deterring heat from burning your bottom or making sitting on it uncomfortable – perfect for any summer activities. So, grab one or two from Seassentials now, especially since summer is practically already upon us! Music festivals are popping up everywhere now, too!


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