SEA Games Opening Leaves Athletes Inspired And In Awe

The opening ceremony for the 30th Southeast Asian Games was an undeniable success. With performances from Robert Seña, KZ Tandingan,,  Lani Misalucha, and Aicelle Santos the program left the audience amazed. It especially invigorated our own athletes, setting them in a positive mood for the upcoming games.

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Volleyball star Jovelyn Gonzaga shared with Inquirer that the show even gave her “Goosebumps, lots of it, and the opening ceremonies do make you proud to be a Filipino.”

“You can see the fire, the passion, the unity,” she declared.

Joshua Umandal, from the men’s volleyball team, said he was left speechless.

”The opening ceremonies can really boost your confidence.”

“I wasn’t required to attend because I have a match tomorrow but I wanted to be there,” explained Dither Tablan who had a Karash game on Sunday. “I want to see who I’m fighting for, I wanted to be inspired and the opening ceremonies presented it to me. I’m more hyped to fight tomorrow.”

“When I saw how many people were in there and they were all screaming for us, I was pumped,” finished Tablan.

Renzo Cazeñas shared the sentiment on the crowd’s energy and support. “That hyped us up and we’re just excited to compete,” said Cazeñas. “Literal goosebumps because there were thousands cheering for us and they’re our home crowd.”

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